How to treat your sleep apnea at home

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If you’re struggling with a sleep condition, you’re not alone. Almost 42 million American adults experience sleep-disordered breathing and one in five adults has mild obstructive sleep apnea. It’s way more common than people realize. And while it is not a fun condition to deal with, it is completely manageable at home with the right equipment and information. We have everything you need to know about using home medical equipment, specifically a CPAP machine, to handle whatever sleep apnea issues you might have.

How do I know if I have sleep apnea?
Because sleep apnea can be a very serious medical condition (it’s basically when your airways close up or get blocked causing you to stop breathing while you sleep!), you need to get tested by your doctor in order to be diagnosed. It will most likely involve a sleep Continue reading

So You Suffer from Insomnia?

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Until last month you never understood what could possibly be so difficult about falling asleep.
For your entire life, you have aways been able to rest when you want. You get a good night’s rest of a daily basis; if you are tired during the day you simply lay down and take a quick nap. You wake up, in the morning after eight hours of sleep or in the afternoon after a 30 minute nap, refreshed and renewed.
Although you have never had a problem with sleep, however, this last month has been a nightmare for your oldest daughter. As she has slid into a rather desperate situation where she is struggling with migraines, anxiety, and insomnia. And while you initially thought that the answer was to take a nighttime sleeping medicine, that solution has only made the problem worse. In fact, the typical prescriptions Continue reading

Successful Head Lice Treatment Tips

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When you have children, there is almost a guarantee of certain things you will deal with, one of those things being head lice. Children are exposed to numerous other children in their school settings. Head lice are extremely contagious, jumping from one child to the next. All it takes is one or two head lice to make it into your home, before you are facing an entire infestation. Head lice can be very difficult to get rid of. However, if you are attempting to get rid of lice in your house, remember the following important steps.

Proper removal of all head lice
Before you attempt to remove the head lice from non living structures in your house, you will want to ensure that you have removed it from its source. This source is most likely one of your children?s heads. Continue reading

You May Have Gray Hair, But Your Inner Child Can Still Be Strong!

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Growing older can be a difficult thing to come to terms with. One would think that in all of the thousands of years that humans have roamed the planet, we would have reached a point where we were more at peace with the aging process than we currently are. There are certainly cultures that handle aging much differently than the society within the United States does. In this country, the obsession with celebrity, youth, beauty, physical appearance, and status all weigh heavily against the peaceful acceptance of aging.

Coming to terms with health issues

The human body is not built to last forever. While science, medicine, and technology are constantly evolving and advancing in attempts to extend our lives and good health, we have not reached that magical age everyone fantasizes Continue reading

DSS Medication Might Be a Part of Life, But So are Many Other Wonderful Things!

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It can sometimes be difficult to appreciate just how good you have it when life is going rather well. Sure, there may be moments of clarity that you find yourself pausing to reflect on how wonderful some aspect of your life is. Perhaps things at work are going swimmingly, or you have just reconnected with an old friend and picked up right where you left off, or the kids are arguing as much as they have been.

Of course it is important to appreciate those moments. But there is so much to be grateful for each and every day that most people find it easier to see these blessings as just business as usual and not give them a second thought. That is, until you are given reason to. For example, not many people wake up in the morning happy for the first conscious breath that they breathe of a new d Continue reading

Fighting Sleep Loss Resulted From Work-Related Stress

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Several individuals experience stress and suffer from sleep disorders. Along with this stress comes with an inability to get a good night’s sleep. An aromatherapy neck pillow is a great option to combat these sleep issues; however, it’s best to dive into the ultimate cause of sleep problems.

Health Issues Associated With Sleep Issues
Feeling groggy after a night of less than adequate sleep isn’t the only thing you should be worrying about. Health issues can arise when an appropriate amount of sleep isn’t met. For example, anxiety is one of the issues that can occur. Not to mention, your body can’t recover itself efficiently when you’re not getting enough sleep so you may not recover from an illness as fast as someone who sleeps well. Getting enough sleep is contributed Continue reading

Three Reasons to Visit an Urgent Care Center

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It isn’t something that you want to think about but accidents can always happen. Ranging from small to serious, it’s important to receive fast and attentive medical care. Treatment at an urgent care facility is continuing to grow in terms of popularity. Here are three reasons to strongly consider visiting an urgent care for a medical concern.

  1. Quick Service – One big advantage of visiting an urgent care facility is because you won’t be waiting a long time. Emergency rooms have been known for long wait times. When you want to receive fast medical treatment by a staff of trained professionals urgent care is a great option. Recent statistics show that about 60% of all urgent Continue reading

What You Should Know About an MRI

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Having an open MRI doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. In fact, an open MRI NJ is a common procedure that is critical to diagnose several conditions. Approximately 30 million MRI scans are completed in the United States every year, and 6.6 million of those are for head scans. By allowing your radiologist to utilize an open MRI machine to rule out any conditions for you, the MRI will produce 3D images that can be viewed at multiple angles.

How to Prepare
Upon scheduling your MRI, you will receive instructions on how you should prepare for the procedure. You will be asked to stop eating tw Continue reading

Urgent Care Centers Are Always Open for You

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Little Johnny may fall off his bike or Dad may spring a muscle on the golf course. Whatever the family medical emergency, an urgent care center can be your best friend. A family urgent care center can provide the best in urgent care. You can receive flu treatment, pediatric care, minor burns or back pain examinations, and other convenient medical treatment at urgent care centers.

Many people are finding that urgent care centers are the place to go and get emergency medical and urgent services. Urgent care centers are popping up all across America. In fact, studies reveal there are about 9,300 walk-ins, stand-alone urgent care centers around the nation with 50 to 100 new clinics opening up each year. T Continue reading

Ibogaine Detox Could Help You in Your Fight Against Addiction

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There are a lot of incredible moments in life. Milestones that you never want to forget, moments that surprise and astound you, occasions that mark changes in the direction of your life path. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and every new day is another opportunity to to make the most of it. A daily effort to live with love and gratitude can make all the difference in perspective. However, just as there are remarkable moments and opportunities in life, there are also obstacles, detours, and major setbacks. There can be times that it is difficult to see the good through all of the hardships with which you are faced. And unfortunately, it is times like these that cause people to make bad decisions, out of desperation, confusion, or despair.

If you have reached one such fork Continue reading