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It can sometimes be difficult to appreciate just how good you have it when life is going rather well. Sure, there may be moments of clarity that you find yourself pausing to reflect on how wonderful some aspect of your life is. Perhaps things at work are going swimmingly, or you have just reconnected with an old friend and picked up right where you left off, or the kids are arguing as much as they have been.

Of course it is important to appreciate those moments. But there is so much to be grateful for each and every day that most people find it easier to see these blessings as just business as usual and not give them a second thought. That is, until you are given reason to. For example, not many people wake up in the morning happy for the first conscious breath that they breathe of a new day, or appreciating the fact that they are able to move without pain, or any number of other things. But as we grow older, our bodies begin to bring to our attention all those things that we once took for granted.

Being open and honest with your doctor

When different health issues arise, many times the first reactions can involve denial or sometimes embarrassment, depending on the nature of the issue. But it is crucial to be as open and honest with your health care physician as you can possibly be. Your doctor can only help you if you tell him or her what problems you are dealing with. And even if you run into an issue that society has deemed improper to talk about, remember that your doctor does this for a living. He or she was trained to heal the human body, so whatever is plaguing you is worth fixing. Most often the issues that people have trouble bringing up have to do with incontinence, digestion, or other similar problems. But do you think that you are the only person to ever have this problem? Your doctor has seen it before, you have no reason to be self-conscious. And once you get the proper medication or treatment that you need, you will be glad you said something.

DSS medication for constipation, and other remedies

DSS medication
is often prescribed to patients who have been suffering from issues like constipation. DSS medication is the shortened version of docusate salts, or a laxative also known as dioctyl sulfosuccinate. DSS stool softener helps to relieve the uncomfortable issues that are associated with troublesome bowl movements. Most people have experienced some sort of similar discomfort at one time or another in their lives. But what many people with any health issue often do not realize is that there are many people experiencing what they are going through.

At different times throughout our lifetimes, especially as we grow older, we are going to need to grow accustomed to living life a certain way, sometimes quite differently than we imagined. For example, needing DSS medication. Or the fact that urinary incontinence affects about 14% of people in the age range of 65 to 69 years old, but that percentage jumps to 45% in the population over the age of 85. So if are someone who finds themselves needing washable mattress protectors or washable bed pads for incontinence, or cushioned bed pans for a number of other issues, know that you are not alone.

It all comes down to appreciating life, no matter what stage of it you happen to be currently experiencing. And take care of yourself. The vast majority of retirees, at 81%, say that good health is one of the major key ingredients for a satisfying retirement.