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Growing older can be a difficult thing to come to terms with. One would think that in all of the thousands of years that humans have roamed the planet, we would have reached a point where we were more at peace with the aging process than we currently are. There are certainly cultures that handle aging much differently than the society within the United States does. In this country, the obsession with celebrity, youth, beauty, physical appearance, and status all weigh heavily against the peaceful acceptance of aging.

Coming to terms with health issues

The human body is not built to last forever. While science, medicine, and technology are constantly evolving and advancing in attempts to extend our lives and good health, we have not reached that magical age everyone fantasizes of, in which we have morphed into immortal beings, or something like it. The current fact of the matter is that we all age. Youth escapes each of us, and we all have health issues that develop as we age. Take for example, those who must deal with home PleurX procedures. A PleurX procedure involves the draining of fluid from the chest or abdomen. Somewhat similar to the urinary catheters that between 15% and 25% of hospitalized patients experience, a PleurX procedure relieves the body of fluid that cannot leave the body the natural way it is meant to, for a variety of possible reasons. The need for something like this quickly makes one very aware of how wonderful life is without it, or even how wonderful life is in spite of it!

The many health issues we’ll face as we age
Some people live to be more than a century old. There are those who, as grandfathers or great-grandmothers, move around with less difficulty than many people who are decades younger than them. Much of our condition in our later years will be a result of our choices from our younger years, but there are other factors at play too, such as environment, genetics, and chance. Some people will need walking support devices. There are many types of mobility devices for seniors, and if you are at the point that you are looking at walkers and canes and other walking aids for seniors, there are ways to find the good in that as well. Whatever walking aid you do end up with, think about how you can modify it to fit your personal style! It doesn’t have to be a regular, boring old cane. It can be bright pink! What about your favorite design on your walker or mobile wheelchair? The options are endless!

Aging does not have to mean boredom or defeat. Let society know that growing older is not something to be ashamed of or something that you try to avoid. Be proud of your age!