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Advanced diagnostic and laboratory services

Little Johnny may fall off his bike or Dad may spring a muscle on the golf course. Whatever the family medical emergency, an urgent care center can be your best friend. A family urgent care center can provide the best in urgent care. You can receive flu treatment, pediatric care, minor burns or back pain examinations, and other convenient medical treatment at urgent care centers.

Many people are finding that urgent care centers are the place to go and get emergency medical and urgent services. Urgent care centers are popping up all across America. In fact, studies reveal there are about 9,300 walk-ins, stand-alone urgent care centers around the nation with 50 to 100 new clinics opening up each year. The number is growing because people find the best in urgent care services at these facilities.

When simple accidents and immediate medical emergencies happen, you can always find a caring and friendly medical team that delivers the best in urgent care services. These clinics can save you time, money and provide a peace of mind without going to the emergency room of a hospital.

You can walk-in and get immediate medical attention for minor aches and pains from professional doctors and medical experts. Urgent care centers have flexible hours and are open 7 days a week during daytime and evening hours. If an urgent medical occurs on the weekend, and you cannot get to your regular doctor, there is no need to worry. An urgent care physician is always on hand at any urgent care center. Plus if your regular doctor is booked and cannot see you, the doors of an urgent care center is always open to you. Just walk-in and get service with no wait time.

Many urgent care centers have X-ray labs and lab testing. You can get a quick diagnosis of your problem. Some urgent care clinics may refill your prescriptions too. These are just a few of the many perks to receiving the best of urgent care at urgent care centers.

If you are looking for an affordable price in your healthcare services, an urgent care center is a convenient quality and wise choice for you to save money. Their services are much cheaper than going to a busy emergency room at the hospital. An urgent care treatable case that is performed in a hospital emergency room cost about $2,039. The same case performed in an urgent care center will only cost about $226. You definitely can see the savings to you and your family, while you are receiving the best in urgent care services too.

The urgent care specialty is a growing part of the medical field. Many physicians are jumping on board and embracing the new trend in health care. About 20,000 doctors practice Urgent Care Medicine, and they are waiting to serve you. Allow these doctors the opportunity to make you well at a very affordable cost.
You cannot beat the service received at an urgent care center, and you will be pleased with the results.