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Urgent care center

It isn’t something that you want to think about but accidents can always happen. Ranging from small to serious, it’s important to receive fast and attentive medical care. Treatment at an urgent care facility is continuing to grow in terms of popularity. Here are three reasons to strongly consider visiting an urgent care for a medical concern.

  1. Quick Service – One big advantage of visiting an urgent care facility is because you won’t be waiting a long time. Emergency rooms have been known for long wait times. When you want to receive fast medical treatment by a staff of trained professionals urgent care is a great option. Recent statistics show that about 60% of all urgent care centers in existence have an average wait time of fewer than 15 minutes. Many urgent care centers will have physicians on site that can move from room to room within the facility.
  2. Convenient Hours of Operation – We all know that sudden ailments can happen anytime. When your regular physician is out of the office, visiting an urgent care facility is your next best option. It is common for people to visit an urgent care location when their family doctor is away on vacation or is ill. Over 66% of urgent care centers in existence are open before 9:00 am on weekdays, while 45.7% open early on Saturday and 31.1% do so on Sunday.
  3. Great for the Uninsured – Families who can’t afford insurance or aren’t offered a plan at their place of work benefit greatly from an urgent care facility. These locations do not require that a patient has insurance. Families with children will love the friendly and professional staff who know how to make children feel welcome.

In summary, many patients enjoy the fast and caring service they receive at their local urgent care location. Convenient hours of operation make it easy to get the treatment you deserve. In addition, urgent care facilities allow for uninsured individuals to be treated. Recent research done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that 48% of all adults who went to the ER weren’t ill enough for admission. The adults who were not allowed admission into ER visited the hospital because their doctor’s office was closed. If you find that your doctor is not available, it is a wise decision to be treated quickly at an urgent care facility.