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Weight loss programs are extensive, thorough guidelines on the types of food and types of eating habits that keep a body nourished without overconsumption. It’s important to know that avoiding overconsumption does not require obsessively counting calories. This practice does not encourage healthy dieting routines, nor is it conducive to someone’s weight loss and fitness goals.

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We’re going to learn why counting calories does not benefit a weight loss program from a doctor’s perspective.

Eating less and restricting calories has been found to be counterproductive to weight loss goals. These practices of food intake reduction only cause someone to be hungrier more often and lower their metabolism, which leads to easier weight gain. Creating a weight loss program that simply cuts carbohydrates, rather than calories, will have a much more positive effect on insulin levels, energy levels, and the amount of fat that is stored in the body. This process may entail cutting out favorite foods, but it will provide the long-term benefit of keeping weight off and establishing healthy eating habits.

To learn more about healthy dieting practices and what practices to avoid, check out the video we have linked above.