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With the growing number of people who have experienced severe damage to parts of their bodies or who have had to go through surgeries, the need for physiatrists has increased. When looking at physiatry jobs and their importance, understanding the role they play for patients is crucial.

Physiatrists specialize in function and rehabilitation. Their role is to help the patient return to their previous level of function, or a greater level of function than they are currently at.

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The biggest focus is ensuring the patient is able to go about their daily living needs. Being able to get up out of bed and shower by themselves, as well as other things that people tend to take for granted. Physiatry jobs are most often found in post-surgical units at hospitals, outpatient centers, and certain nursing homes.

In most cases, the process begins with the physiatrist meeting with the patient. During this time, they will attempt to get the patient’s medical history, perform a basic examination, and try to develop a plan of action. The physiatrist will have meetings with nurses, doctors, and other therapists to go over the process and to ensure they are able to meet the needs of the patient.

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