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According to a survey by the New York Times, the top three most important qualities of marriage are companionship, love, and sex. They also found that about 15% of marriages are sexless. A marriage is considered “sexless” if the couple has sex no more than 10 times in any given year, or less than once a month. In a recent study, 25% of participants with ED felt that they were “letting down their partners” because they could not engage in intercourse or “satisfy them sexually”. Studies suggest that that ED is involved in one in five failed marriages.

Erectile dysfunction affects many couples and several remedies are available on the market, some of which are effective. There are over 30 million reported cases of erectile dysfunction in the United States. Atherosclerosis (otherwise known as hardening of the arteries) accounts for 50% to 60% of ED cases in men 60 years of age and older.

There are multiple causes of erectile dysfunction. According to a study published by the Cleveland Clinic, 40% of men over the age of 40 are affected by Erectile Dysfunction. They also discovered that 70% of men over the age of 70 are affected by Erectile dysfunction. Many men first try medications like Viagra or other pills. For many this does not work. The best treatments for ED include vacuum pump devices for erectile dysfunction.

Wondering why ED medicines fail for most men? When you get sexually excited, your brain sends a signal via the nerves down to your penis. This releases a chemical into the muscle of the penis, which then sparks the production of another chemical?the one your ED meds work on to give you a boner. If you?re not aroused, that second chemical wouldn?t form in the first place. If ED slowly but consistently gets worse, there’s probably a physical cause. This is generally what happens with chronic impotence.

Many men opt for surgery to help with their erectile dysfunction. Doctors often recommend use of a vacuum pump for ed after prostate surgery. A vacuum pump can help a man maintain an erection for up to 30 minutes. Studies show that nine out of 10 men with ED are able to enjoy sex regardless of the cause of their condition after using a vacuum pump.

Vacuum pumps typically consist of three parts: (1) a clear plastic tube that is placed over the penis, (2) a pump that is powered by hand or battery, and (3) a band that fits around the base of the erect penis. WebMD estimates that 50% to 80% of men are satisfied with the results from using penis pumps. Using a pump is a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction without side effects. Vacuum therapy is becoming more accepted in the bedroom.

Doctors suggest that using a vacuum pump for ed after prostate surgery has saved marriages. In fact, women are much more satisfied when their man uses a vacuum pump for ed after prostate surgery. The vacuum erectile devices solves erectile dysfunction for many otherwise sexless marriages.