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skin care tipsEveryone’s got their own skin care routine, whether it’s a quick splash of water in the sink at work or nightly facial masks at home. But even with the best intentions, all those acne treatment products and top-rated facial moisturizers may be doing more harm than good.

Here are some common mistakes people make with their skin care:

1. Leaving skin bare after cleansing for longer than 60 seconds can allow dry air to suck moisture out of your skin. There are a few skin care tips that can help you avoid this. Follow your cleansing process immediately with an alcohol-free moisturizer and skin toner and leave the toner damp on your skin. This will keep it from feeling tight and dry after cleansing.

2. Use acne treatment right. Even the most effective acne treatment won’t work if you’re applying it in the wrong stage of a breakout. Blemishes come in a variety of types, including cystic blemishes, whiteheads, and pustular blemishes, and most medicines treat some better than others. Get skin care tips from your dermatologist or beautician if it doesn’t seem like your acne care regimen is working.

3. Too much exfoliation can actually injure your skin over time, rather than make it look smoother and younger. Harmful skin care ingredients in burning or stinging exfoliators can strip the moisture barrier and cause dehydration, flaking and inflammation. You may even destroy healthy cells and increase hyperpigmentation. Exfoliators can be useful, but use them in moderation.

4. Wearing too little sunscreen or not wearing it often enough can cause your skin to age prematurely, regardless of how sunny it is outside. Skin is exposed to UV radiation all the time, even when you’re driving in your car or sitting by your office window. If you want to prevent early aging and deep wrinkles but don’t want to lather up every day, consider a foundation or moisturizer with SPF content.

5. Using too much moisturizer doesn’t actually have a cumulative effect. Caking layer after layer of moisturizer on your face will only clog your pores. Switch to a creamier or more natural product if you feel like you need to layer yours on. You should still use a moisturizer daily.

Have you ever gotten other skin care tips that surprised you or made you change your routine? Share them in the comments!