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For those who rely on part time work, finding part time jobs with health benefits can be like finding a goldmine. Unfortunately, they’re often few and far between, as arranging for health benefits can often be time consuming and expensive process, especially for employees who work 20 hours or less a week. However, employers who offer part time jobs with health benefits may actually be doing themselves a favor. Part time employee benefits may incentivize those workers to stick around longer with the company and really put time and effort in, even if they get another part time gig. The one that offers health benefits will be more likely to take priority over the one that does not. Some workers may even be willing to work part time for health benefits, which are a treasured thing in the world of employment, no matter what your career is.
Why Should Employers Offer Part Time Jobs With Health Benefits?
A full half of employees said that the reason they were still with their current company was because of the benefits they received. That’s some sticking power, especially in a society where many people have two or more jobs before settling into a job they really like. Even then, it’s not uncommon for workers who advance in the ranks to get offers from other related companies. Even if you’re only offering part time work, offering part time employee benefits is a great way to bring potential employees to your hiring office, instead of your competitors. You may also get a great reputation for your support and generosity, which can only help your business’s sales!
The government does regulate and protect full time employment workers, with measures such as FMLA (the Family and Medical Leave Act), the Affordable Care Act, and other laws. Part time workers should have a degree of that too: it’s just the right thing to do. (And if you’re fuzzy about what FMLA and Affordable Care Act mandate, read on!) Among other things, FMLA ensures that workers who take their allotted 12 weeks out of a year because of extenuating circumstances — think maternity (or paternity) leave, caring for a seriously sick or injured spouse or other family member, or a medical condition of their own (mental, emotional, or physical) — will be able to come back to their jobs after those 12 weeks are up. Even though their job may have hired someone else temporarily, that person will have to be let go once the original employee comes back. The Affordable Care Act requires that health benefits be extended to workers if the company has more than 50 full time employees. And part time workers can make up those 50 full time employees!

How Do I Find Companies That Offer Benefits For Part Time?
You must remember that even companies that offer part time jobs with benefits may offer different kinds of benefits. Some will offer jobs with part time employee health benefits jobs specifically. Some may include vision/dental and disability, or the chance to start a 401K. Your chances are better if you try and look for a national chain that has enough money and resources to put behind such an initiative. Small businesses are wonderful and many claim the lifeblood of the American economy, but often, they can’t quite devote the time or the funds to offering part time benefits to employees. Try and prioritize what benefits are most important to you and then search online! You’ll be able to find lists and other resources that can help you compare and contrast companies who offer the benefits you’re looking for that also tie in to your skill set. Just because you’re working part time doesn’t mean you have to lack benefits that will ultimately make your life much easier!
Although it may feel very discouraging working part time, take heart in knowing that there are certainly companies and corporations out there that are trying to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Some of the part time jobs with health benefits are amazing and can really help you get ahead.