Three Common Problems With CPAP Machines and How to Solve Them

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Regular maintenance, such as cleaning a CPAP machine, and cleaning all filters keeps your machine running at its best, but what happens when your machine runs correctly and you still experience problems. In order to gain full CPAP machine effectiveness, users must use the machine every night while they sleep. Follow these tips to help with three common problems CPAP machine users experience when using their machine.

Dry and Stuffed up Nose

If you constantly suffer from a dry nose, or a nose that constantly feels stuffed up then see about using CPAP machines with a heated humidifier on it. These heated humidifiers allow you to adjust the humidification on the dev Continue reading

What Are the Real Risks of Laptop Radiation?

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As much as we hated hearing our parents say it, there’s no denying that we all sit too close to our televisions and computers. Especially considering most of us are sitting in front of them all day. Most of you are right now.

The problem is that overtime, the exposure to radiation from some of these devices can alter cells and even encourage the growth of diseases like cancer. In fact, since 2008, there has been a nearly 30% increase in patients with brain tumors of “unknown nature.” However, this increase is not reflected in the national cancer registry.

Many of these cases are believed to be the result of laptop radiation effects or electromagnetic fields from other devices.

While cancer may be the deadliest risk of radiation, men in particular should be looking into Continue reading

3 Stroke Awareness Tips Everyone Should Know

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Conditions of the heart are some of the most common and potentially fatal medical issues that a person can have. On average, a person has a heart attack every 43 seconds in the United States (about 735,000 people suffered a heart attack last year), and heart disease is the biggest killer in both men and women. Another very serious and particularly surprising heart condition is having a stroke.

If you’ve ever suffered a stroke you know how scary they can be. That’s why proper stroke awaren Continue reading

Kicking the Habit and Staying Sober — How Going to a Lucury Rehab Center Can Be a Good Way to Get Rid of Addiction

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Drug addiction is one of the few major problems that affect people of all ages and turn promising, vibrant lives into sorrowful existences. Indeed, for people hooked on to drugs, life can become a trial for themselves and also on loved ones. People with mental illnesses also often suffer a similar fate. In a year, every one in five people in Canada would be affected by either mental illness or drug addiction — a disturbing prognosis and one that needs to be taken seriously by those close to the affected people. In situations like these, it is extremely important to remain sensitive to those affected and make the best decisions keeping in mind their well-being. Rehabilitation is the best way to turn things around for those affected by these unfortunate afflications, and if you area looking to make som Continue reading

A Drug Treatment Program Can Reset Your Life

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If you’re suffering from alcohol or opiate addiction, you may feel utterly alone and alienated. In fact, you’re not as alone as you feel. You can get help to get your life back, even if it seems that your life is spiraling out of control and you are alienated from your family and friends. The good news is that there are treatment programs that can help you recover your life, health and motivation. You may have heard of Ibogaine detox programs which can literally reset your life. If you’re ready to detox, the first step is to talk to counse Continue reading

Providing the Best Care for Your Loved Ones

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It is likely that at some point in our lives, we will play some sort of role in taking care of an elderly person. Maybe that person is a parent, relative, or family friend of some kind. Many seniors will reach a point where the best care and best conditions suited to their well-being can only be found at a medical facility. Round the clock emergency care is difficult for family members and friends of the elderly person to provide, and could risk the quality of healthcare that one receives. On the other hand, many seniors will thrive in an environment that fosters their independence, allowing them to continue living much like they have in the past. For the latter, assistance of some kind is still usually necessary, though may not be as intense as what some individuals require. Sometimes, a little he Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Senior Living Homes

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Odds are, most of us will play some sort of roll in maintaining the good health of a loved one or close friend. In particular, the elderly usually require special care or attention to stay as healthy and safe as possible. While we all do what we can in these situations on our own and with the help of family and friends, there usually comes a time when it is determined that the highest possible level of care can only be provided by assisted living facilities. These facilities are colloquially known as “nursing homes,” and provide senior citizens with a high standard of living.

While admitting a loved one to a nursing home, families may feel very stressed out and unsure of what the best way to proceed may be. It Continue reading

Save Time and Money by Getting Medical Treatment at the Urgent Care Clinic

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It is after 6:00 pm and you just wiped out on the tennis court, what do you do? It is Satruday afternoon and your child’s ear infection is getting worse, where should you go? For many people, the answer is the emergency room but it does not have to be. All over the country medical urgent care clinics have sprung up.

Why should I choose a medical urgent care clinic over the ER?

  • The wait time cannot be beat.
  • Nearly 60% of people who seek treatment at an urgent care facility are seen within 15 minutes of their arrival. About 80% get in and out within 80 minutes. That is much less time than it takes to be seen in any emergency room. In an emergency room, the personnel has to put you in line with other sicker people or those with much more serious a Continue reading

The Real Reason Why Diets Fail (Its Simpler Than You Realize)

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Diet and exercise; these are two words that leave a foul taste in the mouths of many Americans. No one wants to be out of shape and unhealthy, but exercise and dieting takes an extreme amount of effort and self-discipline. In many cases, adults simply give up if they do not see noticeable results in a timely manner. Living well is more than just a bodily transformation, it is a lifestyle change that takes commitment. Of course, balancing commitment with personal interests is the real challenge here. Here are some ways we should all rethink diet and exercise.

Healthy Living

We can all remember elementary school health class and how important the food pyramid was. The food pyramid has since been replaced; if nothing else this shows the dynamic nature of health Continue reading

Four Products to Protect From Electromagnetic Radiation

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The advancements mankind has made in science and technology over the last century is truly wondrous to examine. In the last century we have seen the development of the polio vaccine, the toaster, modern films, car radios, fighter jets, minivans and weaponized drones. And all of it, it seems, creates electromagnetic radiation. This electromagnetic field surrounds us and makes us sick, and there is no way to escape it. For those worried for themselves and their families, here are four effective types of electromagnetic radiation protection.

  1. Graham-Stetzer Filters: This is a filter that reduces the amount of electromagnetic radiation that common household appliances and electronics omit and was created by a Berkeley professor and an electrician. The amount of filters each home will n Continue reading