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Diet and exercise; these are two words that leave a foul taste in the mouths of many Americans. No one wants to be out of shape and unhealthy, but exercise and dieting takes an extreme amount of effort and self-discipline. In many cases, adults simply give up if they do not see noticeable results in a timely manner. Living well is more than just a bodily transformation, it is a lifestyle change that takes commitment. Of course, balancing commitment with personal interests is the real challenge here. Here are some ways we should all rethink diet and exercise.

Healthy Living

We can all remember elementary school health class and how important the food pyramid was. The food pyramid has since been replaced; if nothing else this shows the dynamic nature of health and how nothing is fixed. While dietary guidelines may change, exercise remains a vital element to stay fit and healthy. In spite of this, only 20% of adults meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention;s (CDC) physical activity guidelines for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity. Regular physical activity has been shown to lower and individual’s risk for a number of cardiovascular conditions including high blood pressure, heart disease, and the risk of stroke. The CDC has also stated that 75% of healthcare spending goes towards the treatment of a number of preventable chronic diseases linked to an individual’s diet.

Why Workouts Fail

Many people get discouraged when their diet and exercise routine fails to show any results. In fact, only around 20% of people can lose weight and keep it off with traditional diet and exercise. The root of this issue is due to a lack of instruction, commitment, and interest. The word diet has a seriously negative connotation that has become somewhat of a social phenomenon — a diet is a temporary punishment for a bad-lifestyle; it has the word “die” in it for crying out loud! Forget the word diet; those who want a healthier body must adhere to a comprehensive fitness plan that not only transforms the body but engages the mind.

PiYo: Uniting Mind and Body

PiYo is a synergized workout routine that transforms the mindfulness of Pilates with the breathing and bodily control of workout into a high-intensity workout. The PiYo transformation works differently from other workouts, as it helps to center an individual by having them focus 100% on their activity with complete focus. This workout plan is referred to as a PiYo transformation because it is a complete shift in one’s lifestyle supplemented by PiYo diet plans, coaches, and workouts. By engaging in PiYo sessions, thousands of individuals across the country are devoted to the PiYo transformation by having their minds completely focused on their body’s physical motions. For those who have tried countless diets and workout routines to no avail, PiYo could just be the solution to your fitness needs. With PiYo spreading throughout the nation, chances are there is a PiYo class and instructor in your area. Remember, the first step is only the beginning, staying committed is the real challenge — PiYo helps people keep their eyes on the prize through a revolutionarily mindful workout experience.