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Regular maintenance, such as cleaning a CPAP machine, and cleaning all filters keeps your machine running at its best, but what happens when your machine runs correctly and you still experience problems. In order to gain full CPAP machine effectiveness, users must use the machine every night while they sleep. Follow these tips to help with three common problems CPAP machine users experience when using their machine.

Dry and Stuffed up Nose

If you constantly suffer from a dry nose, or a nose that constantly feels stuffed up then see about using CPAP machines with a heated humidifier on it. These heated humidifiers allow you to adjust the humidification on the device. Patients over 60 are five times more likely, compared to younger users, to require a heated humidifier. Nasal saline spray used just before bedtime and before you put the machine on your face helps as well. Ensure that your mask fits well and snug, because any leaks can lead to this issue. If after the above tips don’t help and the problem persists then talk with your doctor. They can prescribe a nasal steroid to help with dryness.

Dry Mouth

Another common problem experienced by those who use CPAP machines, is a dry mouth. Those who breath through their mouth at night may experience even worse symptoms when using CPAP machines. Try using a chinstrap when using your machine to help you keep your mouth closed while sleeping. If this option does not work then a full face mask might work better.

Difficulty Wearing the Mask

If you have trouble wearing the mask while you are sleeping, there are a couple of things that you can do to help make it more comfortable and help you to adjust. Try wearing the mask for a short period of time while you are awake. Slowly begin wearing the mask longer and longer, such as while you are watching television. Once you become accustomed to wearing the mask, start wearing it during waking hours with the air pressure on. Once you become accustomed to wearing the mask with the air on while you are awake begin to wear it while you are asleep. It can take several weeks to get used to wearing the mask, but getting used to it is the first step.

Approximately 80% of patients who are currently using a CPAP machine do not use it often enough to keep them safe while sleeping. According to studies, approximately half of the patients who are prescribed a CPAP machine quit using the machine altogether within one week to three weeks. Follow the above tips to overcome common CPAP machine problems so that using your machine is more comfortable and that the machine does the job.