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The advancements mankind has made in science and technology over the last century is truly wondrous to examine. In the last century we have seen the development of the polio vaccine, the toaster, modern films, car radios, fighter jets, minivans and weaponized drones. And all of it, it seems, creates electromagnetic radiation. This electromagnetic field surrounds us and makes us sick, and there is no way to escape it. For those worried for themselves and their families, here are four effective types of electromagnetic radiation protection.

  1. Graham-Stetzer Filters: This is a filter that reduces the amount of electromagnetic radiation that common household appliances and electronics omit and was created by a Berkeley professor and an electrician. The amount of filters each home will need varies, of course, but the average is approximately 20.
  2. Protective Paint: There are two kinds of paint that serve as electromagnetic radiation protection. The first is Y Shield paint, and is 99% effective after one coat. The second is Air Pure paint, and it requires two coats to be 90% effective. Both are intended as an interior primer and can be safely painted over. Both of these paints require MU grounding tape and a grounding kit to provide emf safety. If unsure of your ability here, have an electrician perform the installation.
  3. Canopies and Floor Mats: Another method of microwave shielding that have extra value due to their location and purpose are bed canopies formed from emf shielding fabric. Between 95-99% effective, these canopies can even be hung around kids beds to protect children from emf while they sleep. The floor mats are made of similar material and absorb whatever the canopy does not.
  4. Window Shielding Film: These are employed to cut the amount of emf coming into the home from outside and are over 90% effective at eliminating harmful emfs. They are easy to apply as well, coming in a large roll that homeowners cut various amounts from as needed.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no end in sight from the assault on our health that is being waged silently. Until a solution is ever found, however, these products and others will go far to keeping you and your family safe. Check out this site for more.