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Emf shield

As much as we hated hearing our parents say it, there’s no denying that we all sit too close to our televisions and computers. Especially considering most of us are sitting in front of them all day. Most of you are right now.

The problem is that overtime, the exposure to radiation from some of these devices can alter cells and even encourage the growth of diseases like cancer. In fact, since 2008, there has been a nearly 30% increase in patients with brain tumors of “unknown nature.” However, this increase is not reflected in the national cancer registry.

Many of these cases are believed to be the result of laptop radiation effects or electromagnetic fields from other devices.

While cancer may be the deadliest risk of radiation, men in particular should be looking into laptop radiation shielding considering many place them directly on their laps. A study from 2012 found that just four hours of Wi-Fi level laptop exposure resulted in decreased sperm vitality in the subjects.

Never has radiation and EMF shielding been so important with how young children are picking up devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Many schools are even implementing these devices into the curriculum.

The human body is far more prone to abnormalities or contracting diseases while in the early stages of development. Another study from 2010 showed that short term EMF exposure in adolescents aged eight to 17 years old caused headaches, irritation, and even concentration difficulties in school.

Given how rapidly technology has grown and evolved in just the last few years, the use of emf and radiation emitting devices shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. a decade ago, many people were still using land lines as their main phone. A lot of people may not have even had cell phone. Nowadays, you would be hard pressed to find anyone over the age of eight who doesn’t have their own.

Eventually, almost every aspect of our lives will be facilitated by technology.

This is why quickly now with EMF and laptop radiation shielding is so important. Shielding your child now could mean saving them in the future.