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Emf protection for electronics

EMF or Electromagnetic Fields are present in us and around us at all times through small appliances, electronics, power lines and any kind of electric wiring. There are both man made and natural waves. The earth has its own magnetic fields, as do our bodies. However, electricity produces artificial EMFs that can be harmful to us if there is to much exposure. Most of the exposure that we encounter in our day to day lives comes from small appliances and household writing in our very own homes. Simple things that we use all the time and probably don’t even realize are emitting any waves can sometimes be the most harmful to us. If you are sensitive to electric and magnetic field waves, you may be experiencing some of the following symptoms already:

Symptoms of EMF Overexposure
Nervous system – fatigue, stress, sleep disturbance
Skin – facial prickling, burning sensation, rash
Body – muscle aches, pains
Eyes – burning
Ear, nose and throat – congestion
Digestive system – disorders and difficulties
Mind – fogginess and depression
Severe conditions – leukemia, breast cancer or other cancers, infertility.

Where do EMFs Come From?
In one word – electricity, but let’s break it down a little further.

In the home and workplace, this is probably the most dangerous EMF emitter of them all. Especially if you have an older microwaves that has a weak door seal. This allows a lot radiation to get out. The danger zone for humans is believed to be around 10 hertz. This is when it can begin to interfere with the body, causing potential risks. The frequency inside a microwave is 2.45 billion hertz. Even with a brand new microwave, door seal intact, you can still be exposed to up to 25 mG. The EPA suggest humans limit exposure to 0.5 mG to 2.5 mG.

Here are some other things that can expose us to dangerous levels of electromagnetic waves:

In the home:

  1. Cordless phones
  2. Hairdryers
  3. Vacuums
  4. Fridge
  5. Microwaves
  6. Small appliances
  7. Iron
  8. TV
  9. Circuits
  10. Switches
  11. Electric blankets
  12. Electric razors
  13. Electric toothbrushes
  14. Cell phones
  15. Laptops and tablets
  16. WiFi

In the workplace:

  1. Computers
  2. Lighting
  3. Fax machines
  4. Photocopiers and scanners
  5. Small appliances
  6. Cell phones
  7. WiFi


  1. Power lines
  2. Transformers
  3. Substations
  4. Cell phone towers
  5. WiFi

These are just a few examples of where EMFs can be found. As you can see they really are everywhere and while they are in varying degrees and levels, we should still make the necessary precautions to invest in EMF blockers or EMF shielding whenever possible.

Way to Block EMF in Your Home

Electrosmog– You can use shielding paint on windows or share walls to keep out EMF waves from your neighbors. There is material that you can buy for the windows that stays on permanently but will even block harmful waves when the window is open, when installed properly.

Landlines – Opt for a landline instead of cordless phones. Cordless phones emit EMF waves even when they aren’t in use. Landlines are a much safer option, if you can get around the idea of having a chord connected to your phone.

Laptop radiation shield– Invest in a laptop shield so that you can use your laptop as much as you need to without the worry of harmful waves. While laptops do not emit waves when they are off, most people need to use their laptops very often so this is a good investment.

Cell phone radiation blocker– You can purchase shielding devices for your cell phones quite easily, you just need to research which one would be best for the type of phone that you have.

That’s basically what it come down to; protective shields and blockers. You can pretty much purchase a radiation shield for any electrical appliance in your home or office. There are different kinds of shields so make sure the one you are getting is sufficient to block the kind of EMF waves that you are experiencing. The best way to avoid EMFs is to not use the appliances that emit these waves in the first place. However, it is understandable that we cannot simply stop using things that help us to keep up with the modern way of life. Unfortunately, as technology advances, EMF waves get stronger and more hazardous. So, if you must use the offending appliance, ensure that you are using a good blocker or protection for yourself and those around you.