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When it comes to your teeth, you want only the best for your oral care. It is extremely rare for anyone to be born and grow into completely perfect teeth. In order to combat this general issues, metal braces have been traditionally used. However, these past few years have brought about clear braces, where only the middle wire connector is visible. Instead of young people choosing different colors for their braces every time they visit the orthodontist, they are opting to choose the clear option.

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Why is this? Are clear braces any better than traditional metal braces? This video provides a guide to both of these options.

To begin, people normally choose the clear or ceramic braces versus the metal ones in order to have their smile appear more natural. This is a major pro of clear braces. They appear less obvious and prevent the strange embarrassment people often feel with stainless steel braces. However, clear braces are not faultless. In conjunction with still having a visible wire, clear braces are also more prone to breaking than metal options. They require a lot more maintenance, and need to be treated carefully.