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There are many reasons one may need dermatology services. If you are having skin issues of any sort, a dermatologist can help you. Whether you’re experiencing acne, dry skin, rosacea, or any other type of skin ailment, a dermatologist will assess your skin and determine the root problems.

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They will then prescribe a course of action to best tackle your issues.

Your doctor may prescribe topical treatments in the form of washes, soaps, creams, ointments, or lotions. These are applied directly to the skin and can often have an immediate soothing effect. However, complete healing of the skin issues will likely take several weeks. So make sure you are patient. It’s also important to make sure you’re following your doctor’s exact instructions. Don’t miss an application!

Your doctor may also prescribe oral treatments in the form of medication or pills that you take by mouth. These work to clear up your skin ailments from the inside out. Depending on the skin issues you’re facing, this might be the treatment your doctor prescribes immediately. Or your doctor may start with topical treatments and then move on to oral treatments if those prove ineffective.