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At-home teeth whitening is a common practice, but the results you get from a professional in-office whitening treatment can’t even compare. Read on to learn more about how professional teeth whitening works.

Before your actual teeth whitening appointment, you will need a consultation. During the consultation, your professional will check your teeth and discuss how many shades of whitening you can expect after treatment.

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On the actual day of your whitening treatment, your dentist will apply vitamin E to your lips to prevent them from cracking during treatment. Next, they put a retractor in your mouth to keep it open, insert gauze to cover your glands and protect the skin on your face and place a liquid material on your gums and edges of your teeth to protect them from the whitening gel chemicals. This material is then hardened using a blue UV light, and then the whitening agent is ready to be applied.

The whitening agent is applied to the teeth and then a blue light guide is attached to your mouth for 15 minutes. this process can be repeated 2-3 times depending on what your dentist says is right for you.

After your appointment, sensitivity is normal in your teeth, but sensitivity in your gums, could mean your gums were not fully protected from the whitening agent and you should tell your dentist right away.

Professional teeth whitening is becoming increasingly popular because of the amazing results. Call your dentist today to find out if in-office teeth whitening is right for you!