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Alcohol rehab program

Addiction doesn’t have to rule your life. However, it can certainly feel that way. When you start to notice the effect addiction has on your personal relationships, hobbies and work-life balance, it’s a sign you’re ready to look into rehab centers and start getting the help you need. An addiction treatment center, be it for alcohol or over-the-counter medication, is staffed by trained medical professionals who can assess your addiction and provide your resources to break the pattern. If this is your first time visiting a rehab center or you’re not sure about the effectiveness of substance abuse treatment programs, the list below can help give you a bigger picture.

I Have Mental Illness

People become addicted for many reasons. Some do so to cope with trauma. Others do it to fit in with their peers. Even now, one of the most common reasons is mental illness. It’s estimated 20 million people suffer with moderate to severe depression at any given time, which can overlap with PTSD, chronic anxiety and bipolar disorder. Rehab centers have trained therapists who are familiar with the overlap between psychology and unhealthy coping methods such as alcoholism or gambling.

I Have An Addiction To Alcohol

The most common addiction in the United States is to alcohol. Recent studies have seen over 50% of adults in the country reporting one or more of their close relatives has a problem with chronic drinking, with around 10% of American children also living with a parent who has alcohol problems. All in all, 7% of the adult population (this is nearly 14 million Americans) suffers with alcoholism. If you find yourself drinking in an attempt to forget your problems, feel you can’t function without alcohol or are noticing liver damage, you may need to seek out an alcohol rehab program.

I Have An Addiction To Gambling

While less common than alcohol, gambling addictions are a very real issue that affect millions of Americans’ lives. Studies have shown 40% of all gambling addicts will start gambling before they’re 17 years old, with three to five out of every 100 gamblers struggling with an addictive gambling pattern. Due to the risky nature of gambling, this addiction can have deceptively higher consequences in the long-term if left unchecked. If you or someone you know struggles with chronic gambling, an addiction treatment center can help.

I Have An Addiction To Medication

Last, but certainly not least, you can become addicted to a wide variety of drugs, be they illegal or over-the-counter medications meant to treat pain. Some of the more common drug addictions are Oxycontin (a strong painkiller), Tylenol (a somewhat weaker painkiller) or Adderall (used to treat anxiety and ADHD). Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States and sees over 50,000 lives taken every year. Rehab centers, however, are well-versed in tackling these issues from the ground up and providing everyday people with the solutions they need.

I Want To Visit A Rehab Center

The first step to recovery is admitting you have an addiction that could use a little help. Rehab centers are powerful tools that regularly see a variety of issues brought to their desks. Smart Recovery, for example, teaches the five stages of change to help people in recovery become familiar with a pattern of growth. The first stage is pre-contemplation, the second stage is contemplation, the third is preparation, the fourth is action and the last stage is change. If addiction is ruling your life, give your local rehab centers a call and schedule an appointment. Change is just around the corner.