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Denver walk in clinic

There are times when you may need specialty care, such as a health clinic for women or a pediatric allergist. But if you just need to get an earache or a sore throat checked out, you can have that done at a walk in health clinic. There are some distinct advantages to using a walk in health clinic over other types of health care centers.

Convenience is one of the biggest benefits of using family quick care. It can take days to get in with family care providers, but you usually can go to an emergency walk-in clinic and see a health practitioner in less than an hour, without needing an appointment. That can be a big advantage if you just need to see a doctor for your cold and flu symptoms, if your child needs a sports physical or if you need a flu shot. And even in an emergency situation, an urgent care clinic can be faster than going to the ER. ER wait times on average have gone up from about 46 minutes to 58 minutes, and people who don’t need critical care can wait much longer if the ER is busy. There also are beginning to be much more options for urgent care, with walk-in clinics popping up in grocery stores, pharmacies and a number of other retail locations.

Cost is another area where urgent care centers are often the better deal. Though it may cost slightly more than seeing your regular physician, it is much cheaper than going to the ER. The average visitor to the ER pays more than $1,300, and many insurance plans have penalties for people who visit the ER but aren’t admitted. By contrast, a visit to a medical walk in clinic usually costs $150 or less, and insurers don’t charge you any extra for doing so.

Obviously, if you need the specialty care that a health clinic for women would provide, then a medical walk in clinic is probably not the right option. But in many other medical situations — when you have a sore throat, a sprained ankle or just need a flu shot — a walk in clinic can be a good, affordable option.