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Over the past couple of decades there has been an emergence of a new system in the world of health care and treating patients. This new system has now developed into what we call a walk in heath clinic. The walk in health clinic is a very popular part of the health care system and treatment system. As a matter of fact, there now exist more of this type of walk in health clinic than ever before in the United States. These new clinics are treating American citizens left and right in a way that is very beneficial for the patients. Despite this fact, however, there are still many myths that people have in terms of how a walk in health clinic operates. These myths range and vary in difference but nonetheless, they unfortunately exist. If you are someone that is hesitant about visiting a walk in health clinic, then here is a breakdown of some of the most commonly heard myths about these newly founded clinics.

A Walk In Health Clinic Can’t Treat Physical Injuries

This is the most commonly heard and told myth about these walk in clinics that have popped up and developed across the United States. This is important because there are many reports that indicate about 25,000 Americans will suffer some sort of ankle sprain each day. Also, there are other reports that indicate about more than 80% of all ankle sprains are a result of inversion, which is the inward rolling of said ankle. Many people believe that if you suffer a physical injury believe that they only have the option of visiting an emergency room if they have a sprain or suffer any sort of physical injury. This is false. As a matter of fact, according to the guidelines of urgent care walk in health clinics, four out of every five walk in health clinics will provide some sort of fracture care.

The Walk In Health Clinic Is Only for ER Like Symptoms

This is the second most common type of myth that has circulated about the walk in health clinic. There are plenty of people who view the medical center emergency room as the exact same type of clinic as a walk in health clinic. This is not true. While a walk in clinic can help provide care for some serious symptoms, they more often than not are equipped to deal with illnesses and these types of scenarios. Things like: sore throat, bronchitis, swimmers ear, and other random illnesses that many American people suffer on a daily basis.

If you are someone who has heard or listened to someone lie about a walk in health clinic in this way than you should no longer believe in this false information. Urgent care clinics are becoming more and more popular and reliable across the United States for anyone that suffers any serious symptoms. These places allow plenty of American citizens who have serious illnesses to seek out help.