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Causes of workplace anger

Let’s face it – everyone feels stress from time to time. But did you know it happens on such a large level? Workplace stress, in fact, causes about 1 million employees to miss work every day in the U.S. Physicians tend to feel it more often than any other type of worker, as it seems. In fact, a recent study shows us that about 45% of physicians experience at least 1 symptom of burnout. And, with an overall burnout rate of about 35% in U.S. physicians, we see that this is a growing problem that we can blame on things like more hours, less breaks, and too much stress in the work we do.

Learning the symptoms of burnout can make life easier for many workers who can then take breaks as they need them. Knowing the burnout symptoms and recovery options can give you peace at mind that you deserve when a job has caused you daily stress and you aren’t sure how to handle it.

Burnout Symptoms and Recovery

There are many signs of the emotional and physical exhaustion that you can experience when you have been overworked at a stressful job. Job stress can have lasting effects that impact the way you see your job and your overall work life. Some of the symptoms include chronic fatigue in its early stages, insomnia that makes it difficult for you to fall and stay asleep, forgetfulness and impaired concentration, loss of appetite, and an overall sense of anxiety. You may find that enjoying your job is not as easy as it once was, that you don’t want to socialize as much to those around you, that you feel detached from your job, or you feel hopeless and irritable at all times.

Managing the symptoms of burnout may sound easier than it actually is, but it is possible. You don’t have to feel sorry about asking for less work if it’s possible, or saying no when somebody wants to give you extra. Everybody needs a mental health day. In fact, two-thirds of men and women believe that work affects their stress level, and 1/4 have actually taken a mental health day due to work stress! Resist the urge to take on too much and make a difference in your life that brings positive possibilities. Burnout is sometimes inevitable, but it doesn’t always have to be.