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Work-life balance

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? If so, join the club! The chaos and demands of every day life, such as achieving the pipe dream that is work-life balance, can contribute to tell tale burnout symptoms, such as job stress, fatigue, and other signs of emotional exhaustion. Even if you don’t have a stressful job, you can still experience life burnout just from navigating the challenges of life!

However not all symptoms of being overtired are easily identified. In fact, many stress burnout symptoms are often asymptomatic and easily dismissed. Learning how to identify symptoms of being overtired can help become more proactive in managing your overall health and enjoy a better quality of life.

Here are a few surprising yet common symptoms of being overtired:


Do you find yourself irritated, upset, and sweating the small stuff? While everyone has a bad day from time to time, living in a constant state of irritability can have a negative effect on both your physical and emotional health. Furthermore, constant irritability can effect your work performance, personal relationships, and the ways in which you engage with the world.

Difficulty concentrating

If you find yourself having a hard time concentrating on simple tasks, you may be experiencing one of the most commonly ignored symptoms of being overtired. Being overtired can make even the most simplest of tasks difficult, frustrating, and seemingly impossible. Unfortunately, many people who have difficulty concentrating attempt to “fix” the problem by consuming more caffeine, which may “work” temporarily but only serves to make the problem worse in the long run.

Physical aches and pains

Did you know that your body responds to your emotional and mental state? Feeling overtired can cause body aches, pains, muscle soreness, muscle tiredness, and more. In addition, stress can significantly reduce your immunity, making you more susceptible to illness. If you find that you have constant body aches, tension, and headaches, you may be experiencing symptoms of being overtired and stressed.

If think you’re experiencing symptoms of being overtired, consider engaging in self care activities such as spending time in nature, enjoying a quiet meal, meditation, or simply just resting when you feel the need to. For more information about symptoms of being overtired and how stress can impact your health, contact your physician or a mental health professional to learn more.