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By the year 2030, elderly individuals are projected to make up about 20% of the population. It is also noted that for adults between the ages of 65 and 69 as many as 14% experience urinary incontinence. That increases to 45% for adults over the age of 85. This begs the question: how does one find leak proof diapers for adults? Easy: read below to find out how you can still enjoy your life easily, because you’ll know what you need when buying an adult diaper.

Incontinence Is Either Short-Term or Long-Term.

If you have incontinence, it may fall into one of two options. What could be called short-term incontinence is caused by an external source, be it a side effect of medication or a bladder infection. These problems will eventually be fixed and the incontinence will also be fixed. It might be helpful to have a few leak proof diapers for adults on hand while the problem is being cleared up, but it’s not an issue that you’ll need to adjust your life to once that external factor (medication, bacteria) is removed.

Age-related incontinence, on the other hand, will require some life changes. Adult diapers, a washable mattress protector, and some planning will make it easier to live with incontinence. Remember, there are other adults who are experiencing the same problems, so you should never feel uncomfortable, not buying these products and not when you’re wearing them. Speaking of comfort, there are a few points to be made on what makes the best leak proof diapers for adults.

What to Look for in Leak Proof Diapers for Adults.

Most of your leaking problems can be fixed with proper fit. Fit is perhaps the biggest indicator of how comfortable a pair of briefs will be and how well it will stop leaks. Fit is paramount, because it doesn’t matter if a product claims to be the best leak proof diapers for adults, if the sizing is off it won’t hold back leaks. Make sure you measure correctly, as most leaks are caused by a too-large diaper.

Another note about fit is not how the adult diaper will fit on the body, but how it will fit under clothing. There are two main types of materials: breathable and plastic-backed. Plastic-backing makes many wearers feel more confident that they won’t have any leaks. But the ones made with breathable materials are thinner, and therefore are noted as being more discreet under clothes. You can of course use a mix of both depending on your needs and what you find comfortable.

Don’t Forget the Mattress Protector Incontinence Pads.

You’ll find it helpful to have a washable mattress protector, or the very least, disposable bed protectors. While a well-fitting diaper can help you avoid leaks, at times they can happen when the leg holes are stretched or the volume allotment exceeded. To make cleanup easy, it is recommended that you invest in at least two washable pads, or enough disposable ones to stay comfortable.

A big problem with adult diapers is feeling uncomfortable. Many adults who find that they have age-related incontinence find themselves going out with friends less often in fear of an incident. In one survey, about 81% of participants felt that having good health was the biggest factor for being happy in retirement. A good adult diaper will help a person avoid an accident, and hopefully give them the confidence to get back out there and enjoy themselves.

A good diaper will be leak proof when it fits correctly. It might be made with a plastic backing or be breathable, it will depend on what you deem more comfortable. If the incontinence is age-related, adding some protective mattresses pads is a good idea so that you’re covered around the clock. Once that is done, you no longer need to avoid going out, and instead can again focus on enjoying your life free from worry about this condition.