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If you visit a laser hair removal clinic, you’ll notice that the lights are bright, the staff are friendly and the anticipation is tangible. The reason is simple; laser hair removal changes lives. It makes life so much easier, better and cleaner. It may sound silly but it’s amazing how much not having to worry about hair in unacceptable places can make a life so much greater. In this article, instead of writing all the great things that happen in a laser hair removal clinic, let’s go over a few things that could happen if you don’t get laser hair removal services done.

Razor Burn
This is one for the books. Razor burn. There’s not a soul on earth that can say that razor burn is something that they want to go through. The problem is that too many people wait way to long to buy a new razor and the blade goes dull. Once the blade is that dull, they have to press hard in order to get a closer shave. That creates to much friction and causes a rash. Not fun.

Itchy Re-growth
The main problem with shaving is that when it starts growing back it itches terribly. The reason is that hair is shaped like a triangle with the largest part of the triangle forming below the skin. When you shove, you cut the triangle in the middle so when it grows back, a larger portion of the hair is forcing itself through the skin where the smaller piece used to be. The stretching of the skin to force the hair through is what causes the itching. Fun stuff, right?

Excess of it
Speaking from experience, when you are overweight, you tend to grow more hair. This is because of an over production of testosterone caused by weight gain. So, even if you are going through one of the weight loss programs, you may find that even if you are losing weight, you have already produced those hair follicles and still have a lot of hair growth in random places. It’s annoying to say the least and can be embarrassing if you forget to de-hair and the sun catches it in the right light to expose it to everyone.

Time Waster
If you have any kind of life at all, whether it’s a demanding job or demanding children or both, you probably don’t have a whole lot of time to spend in the shower. Shaving takes up a lot of time if you do it right and adds a good 10 to 15 minutes each time. A few trips to a laser hair removal clinic would give you back that quarter of an hour every few days.

Feels Dirty
When you don’t have time to shave your legs or tweeze your eyebrows, it’s hard to feel completely ready. Especially if you are dressed up for a night out and having to wear a long dress or pants because you haven’t had a chance to shave your legs. Even though no one can tell usually, unless you tell them, you know that it’s there and it’s easy to feel like you aren’t clean. Tweezing your eyebrows in particular makes make up look so much better. Powder clings to hairs and makes it obvious that they’re there and gives you a weird finish.

The best candidates for laser hair removal are those with dark hair and light skin. The laser looks for the pigment contrast so this is how they pick up most of the hair. You can still get it done if you have light hair or dark skin but it might require a few extra sessions.

Laser hair removal clinics are a great place. They’re non judgmental, friendly and exciting. It may sound silly but if you have decided to get laser hair removal then you can look forward to a whole new lease on life. It’s an amazing thing not to have to shave or wax anymore. It may be a little painful (it’s been described as having a rubber band twang your skin over and over) but the result will be so worth it. You’ll have your time back, smooth skin and the world will be open to you.