4 Reasons to Consider A Remote Doctor

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Have you ever wanted to Skype your doctor so you wouldn’t have to drive over to the hospital? Well, as technology advances the time when that is a firm possibility may be at hand. Telemedicine is a new form of medical practice that is finding many uses in the world. Having a remote doctor contact patients through cameras, microphones, and other technology from a separate location can benefit many people. Here are 4 scenarios where a remote doctor is the right call.

  1. When Living in a Rural Area
    The most important of telemedicine benefits is that it provides help for those living too far from their doctors. Consider those who are living in rural areas. Perhaps the closest doctor is a few hours away. What if someone is stranded without transportation when living in such an Continue reading

Ibogaine Detox: A Safe Path Out of the Dark

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Ibogaine is derived from a plant found in West Africa that has been used by people there for hundreds of years for its healing properties. The iboga plant has been a staple in traditional West African towns in their rituals and healings.

Taken in small doses ibogaine has been found to decrease fatigue and increase energy. Higher doses of this drug have proven to cause a dream like state while awake, and the ability for the individual under its influence to remember repressed memories in an objective way. Psychologically speaking, this drug has enabled people to come to terms with, and even find closure with experiences from their past. Physically, ibogaine can cause side effects such as nausea and vomiting, tremors, and cardiac problems.

In the 1960’s a 19 year old by t Continue reading

Four Tips for Finding a Great Dentist

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Has it been a lot more than six months since you last made a trip to your dentist office for a cleaning and checkup? If so, you are not alone. Going to the dentist office when you don’t have any (known) dental issues seems like a big hassle. On top of that, many people have anxiety around sitting in that reclining chair in the dentist office. There aren’t many things that are done at a dentist office that are pleasant.

It’s easy to just put off your bi-annual visit to any dental offices until you suddenly wake up one day with a raging pain in half of your face, and require emergency dental care. I Continue reading

Understanding Medical Supplies and Equipment

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When you or a loved one experienced the types of illness or events that make medical supplies or equipment necessary to improve your quality of life, educating yourself before purchase is wise. Learning about the products on the market, as well as their uses and any dangers they possess, can save money, frustration, or even prevent infection and disease. Compiled here are some of the more common items you may find sold by a medical supplier, as well as some general information for each.

  • Mobility Aids: This type of medical equipment serves those who are unable to walk well, or at all, under their own power. In order to walk, an individual uses one of these, which takes over some of the normal functionality of walking from that individual. A cane is the most simple and Continue reading

Learn More About Employee Group Benefits

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When most workers think about employee group benefits, they typically think about group health insurance. While most employee group benefits plan do include health group insurance policies, there are other kinds of benefits plans that can be offered to workers.

  • Employers can offer life insurance to their workers. If you have a family and people rely on your income to live, if something were to happen you, you probably would want a way to take care of them. The group life insurance plans offer help to the loved ones of a policy holder if that person should be killed. This can be paid out in a lump sum or over time. The amount Continue reading

Diapers for Adults, and Other Important Aspects of Elderly Care

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When it comes down to it, life is a cycle. It may sound cliche, but it is as simple as that. A child is born, helpless, without the ability to communicate or understand most of what is going on around him or her. Slowly, the world comes into focus, things start to make sense. The little girl or boy becomes a young woman or man. She or he follows the path that society has set forth, or follows his or her heart instead.

Life happens, beautiful things and tragic things happen and every kind of thing in between. And then, eventually, that adult might begin to notice that things start to lose focus. Or perhaps it is loved ones around him or her that notice. Sometimes the ability to communicate and understand his or her surroundings starts to fade. And in the twilight of the cycle, there is a helple Continue reading

CPAP Replacement Parts Can Literally Save Lives

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Continuous positive airway pressure. In those four words is held the meaning of life for many people around the globe who suffer from sleep apnea and other illnesses that interrupt regular breathing during sleep time. Thousands die each year from sleep disorders where improper breathing leads directly to death.

Thankfully, there have been many strides made to advance the technology that will make sleeping not only possible but something to look forward to. Continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP as it is widely known can be maintained through the use of a number of different types of machines that you can find on the market these days.

Roughly 18 million Americans suffer from some Continue reading

Treating Hyperhidrosis the Natural Way

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There are at least eight million people in the United States suffer from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. They can sweat up to four or five times more than the typical person who does not have hyperhidrosis. Nearly 50 years ago, iontophoresis devices were developed for treating hyperhidrosis. It generally takes six to ten treatments with this “no-sweat machine” to have an impact on the sweat gland. Each treatment takes between 10 and 20 minutes. There are some things people can do at home while they are using the machine for reating hyperhidrosis. These natural remedies can do a lot to help control excessive sweating.

  1. Drink more tomato juice. Some people report success dealing with excessive sweating by drinking at le Continue reading

3 Popular Treatment Methods for Sleep Apnea

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As many as 18 million Americans have sleep apnea, and many of them may not even know it. Because its main symptoms present themselves when you’re off in dreamland, you may not realize this health risk unless an observant family member takes notice. Sleep apnea sufferers experienced blocked or partially blocked breathing during sleep; these incidents can occur anywhere from five to 50+ times in an hour! If airways in the nose, throat, and mouth become blocked during sleep-induced relaxation, or you have particularly large tonsils or adenoids, you may suffer from sleep apnea. You’re also more likely to suffer from sleep apnea is you are overweight, drink alcohol before bed, use certain medications, or sleep on your back.
Although you might not think that this condition is a big deal, it can c Continue reading

When It’s Really Not an Emergency Visit an Urgent Care Center

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If you’re suffering with a sinus or ear infection and need treatment, have you considered visiting a local urgent care facility rather than a traditional hospital emergency room? When you’re experiencing severe pain due to an ear infection, or thinking you may have strep throat, an urgent medical care facility can provide treatment for these and other issues.

When you’re anticipating the arrival of flu season and want to receive a flu vaccination, an urgent care clinic can also provide these and other types of vaccinations. While receiving vaccinations is important, they don’t usually necessitate an emergency room visit or after hours urgent care. Unless you’re in the hospital for another type of issue, a flu vaccination can be administered during regular business hours.

Were you aware that using < Continue reading