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Ibogaine treatment financing

Ibogaine is derived from a plant found in West Africa that has been used by people there for hundreds of years for its healing properties. The iboga plant has been a staple in traditional West African towns in their rituals and healings.

Taken in small doses ibogaine has been found to decrease fatigue and increase energy. Higher doses of this drug have proven to cause a dream like state while awake, and the ability for the individual under its influence to remember repressed memories in an objective way. Psychologically speaking, this drug has enabled people to come to terms with, and even find closure with experiences from their past. Physically, ibogaine can cause side effects such as nausea and vomiting, tremors, and cardiac problems.

In the 1960’s a 19 year old by the name of Howard Lotsof ingested ibogaine, using it as a recreational drug. Lotsof, who was addicted to heroin, found that ibogaine virtually did away with his psychological dependency on heroin, in addition to removing any and all cravings, with absolutely no withdrawal symptoms. As a result of this experience, and now completely devoid of all addiction to heroin, Howard Lotsof spent his subsequent years fighting for the evolution of ibogaine as a prescription medication for use as a method of detox from drugs like heroin.

Ibogaine detox has since been successful in cases of alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, methadone addiction, opiate addiction, and more. In each case ibogaine detox relieves the patient of any and all desire to continue drinking or using the addictive drug, while preventing all or nearly all symptoms of withdrawal that typically accompany other detox methods. Ibogaine is successful in every case of eliminating more than 98% of withdrawal symptoms. No other method of detoxification has even come close. There are ibogaine detox facilities outside the United States where addicts can find alternative addiction treatments.

The abuse of drugs and alcohol are an immense issue, not only in the United States, but worldwide. Statistics show that in 2011 over five million visits to hospital emergency rooms were a result of drug or alcohol abuse. In America alone over 20 million people over the age of twelve are struggling with some type of addiction, including cigarette smoking. It is estimated that at least 90% of alcoholics and drug abusers began their habit before the age of 18.

The method of ibogaine detox is not available everywhere. Because it has not yet been approved as a legal approach to detoxification, it is not easily attained. Ibogaine detox works so well because of the way it moves through the body. After it is taken, or ingested, the liver converts the ibogaine to what is called noribiogaine which is then stored in the body’s fat cells. In this form is where the drug develops its healing properties. From its point within those cells, true ibogaine detox begins. It begins to relieve cravings for the addictive drug in addition to literally removing the desire to use. It could take between 72 and 96 hours for the patient to begin to feel these effects. Within all of this, ibogaine distributes throughout the body and mind feelings of well being, any depression having been lifted.

Because part of the ibogaine detox process is trying to deal with whatever it was that led the person to use the addictive drug in the first place, once ibogaine has begun to work in the system, the patient will begin to remember past experiences and hurts. These may have been repressed for many years, the patient forgetting everything too painful to remember. Ibogaine has the ability to bring these thoughts to the surface, allowing the patient to remember and to face them with a clear head and clear direction. In this way the person experiences a true sense of relief and can move past the pain and hurts for the first time, free from all addiction.

Ibogaine has been proven to be a miracle drug in several important ways. Although this drug is not yet approved, it is available to people who know where to look.