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Types of cpap masks

Continuous positive airway pressure. In those four words is held the meaning of life for many people around the globe who suffer from sleep apnea and other illnesses that interrupt regular breathing during sleep time. Thousands die each year from sleep disorders where improper breathing leads directly to death.

Thankfully, there have been many strides made to advance the technology that will make sleeping not only possible but something to look forward to. Continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP as it is widely known can be maintained through the use of a number of different types of machines that you can find on the market these days.

Roughly 18 million Americans suffer from some form of discomfort that sleep apnea causes. The good news is that many of these troubles can be alleviated by the use of a simple sleep apnea machine. You can find a quality sleep apnea machine online for a very affordable price and in addition to the machine itself you can find CPAP replacement parts that could be vital in addressing your sleep concerns.

The reason that CPAP replacement parts can become an issue is that as with any machine, part or all of it will break down over time. It is good to understand what parts of the machine could break down first and have some CPAP replacement parts on hand in case it does.

Imagine you have a quality machine and it serves you needs quite well for a lengthy period of time. Suddenly and without warning, your machine has a part that has gone bad and keeps the machine from functioning properly. If you need to wait for a replacement part to get to you, you might be trying to sleep without the machine for several days or even weeks. Why would you want to put your health on the line like that?

People who have sleep apnea and allow it to go untreated will have a risk of stroke that is four times greater than those who have not been diagnosed with the disorder. In addition, those same people who are four times more likely to have a strike are also three times more likely to have heart disease. The heart does not function properly when someone is having difficulty with sleep apnea issues. When you have a CPAP machine that can regulate your breathing when you sleep, this takes the pressure off of your heart and helps your body function the way it is supposed to while you are sleeping, giving you the chance to restore and rest.

Obtaining a CPAP machine if you have been diagnosed with a sleep apnea condition can return your life to you in ways you never thought possible. At the same time, having a few spare CPAP replacement parts is always a good idea to ensure you maintain that healthy sleep.