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When you or a loved one experienced the types of illness or events that make medical supplies or equipment necessary to improve your quality of life, educating yourself before purchase is wise. Learning about the products on the market, as well as their uses and any dangers they possess, can save money, frustration, or even prevent infection and disease. Compiled here are some of the more common items you may find sold by a medical supplier, as well as some general information for each.

  • Mobility Aids: This type of medical equipment serves those who are unable to walk well, or at all, under their own power. In order to walk, an individual uses one of these, which takes over some of the normal functionality of walking from that individual. A cane is the most simple and is held in the stronger hand on the opposite side of the injury or weaker limb. A walker allows a person to lean their body weight upon a stable construct and move it forward as they progress.
  • Nebulizers: This machine converts liquid medication into a mist that an individual may then inhale through a mask or nose apparatus. An important note with nebulizers is that the failure to keep it clean can lead to lung infections, so maintain it very well.
  • Portable Oxygen: There are a number of benefits to using portable oxygen, including longer life, greater ability to exercise, and increased mental acuity. These are used for many lung ailments and diseases, such as COPD. Newer portable oxygen options include portable oxygen concentrators, which pull in surrounding air and convert it to concentrated oxygen. They never need to be refilled as a result, unlike traditional tanks.
  • Urological Supplies: All types of urinary catheters are vital medical supplies, but not all are used in every circumstance and certainly not the same way. If you need to use a catheter to improve your quality of life, be certain you make your purchase at a quality medical supply store that can answer all of your questions. Catheters can be the source of infection if used incorrectly, even by professionals. Catheter-associated urinary tract infections are the most common type of healthcare-related infection, and if hospitals can make mistakes with it, you can too. So, don?t be too embarrassed to ask all the questions you can when you buy them.

Medical supplies and equipment are necessary items to improve your quality of life. Educate yourself and be prepared to ask questions, and do your research about the medical supply stores near you. It is too important a matter to do anything less.