Use Quality Data From Fitness Gadgets to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Armband calorie counter

You may have heard about BMI, or Body Mass Index, and how it can be used to indicate degrees of body fat in individuals. According to the Centers for Disease Control, BMI is an accurate correlation to body fat, but it is not as accurate as the information provided by a body fat analyzer. BMI is calculated simply from height and weight, and sometimes takes age into consideration. Body fat is calculated through more clinical means, which for a long time were not available to the average person.

However, one of the latest fitness gadgets that is available to the average person is a wireless scale, which includes a weight tracker, and a body fat analyzer. One of the more popular Continue reading

If You Are Experiencing Shoulder Pain, Do You Know Your Options?


While back pain is the most common complaint that chiropractors see, there are a number of other common problems such as headaches, and shoulder pain that bring individuals to chiropractic clinics. Chiropractic treatment for headaches can sometimes be easily obtained with a spine alignment, but treatment for shoulder pain might require one of several options. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, here are the various courses of treatment that might be open to you.


For serious shoulder injuries, tears in the rotator cuff, or a recurrent dislocation, surgery might be the best treatment for shoulder pain. Other, traditional treatments such as physical therapy tend not to be appropriat Continue reading

Do You Know Which Eye Specialist You Really Need?

Lasik eye surgery

If you have an eye infection, or suspect that you need eye glasses, do you know whether you would visit an ophthalmologist, optometrist, or optician? Most people do not even realize that there is more than one eye doctor, never mind that they all have different specializations. The next time that you need an eye exam, you can use this guide to determine which specialist you should go see.

The Problem. Glaucoma, cataracts, or other eye diseases or trauma where surgery or medicine ma Continue reading

Has a Lifetime of Sun Worshipping Finally Caught up to Your Skin?

Laser spot removal

At the farthest reach distance in our planet’s orbit, the Earth is approximately 94.5 million miles away from the sun. However, even at this distance, and even with the protection of the atmosphere, the sun’s rays bathe the planet and its inhabitants with life-giving as well as life-damaging energy.

Most people worship the sun when they are younger, spending long hours sunbathing, and longer hours outside without a care in the world for sunscreen. In later years, all of this time spent out in the sun will start to catch up with a person, and may manifest in the form of melanocytic hyperpigmentation, or sun spots. It is interesting to note that a sun spot, in terms of the ones that occur on the sun, are cooler, darker regions, and a sun spot on the human body actually takes on a similar appearance.

While Continue reading

All About Me

Diana-HutchinsonHave you ever run a marathon? How about two and a half marathons IN ONE DAY? The thought of running a 100K sounded like 62.1 miles of absolute torture when my sister told me about her first ultra run. Three years later, here I am, starting a new life as a personal trainer, and finishing just 4 minutes behind her at the Everglades 100! How did I do it? Just a few little changes in lifestyle, and a lot of practice — did you know that running, cycling and other endurance exercises release endorphins, the same happy little molecules produced from eating chocolate and smoking cigarettes?

I still haven’t beaten a cheetah in a race, but by following the techniques in this blog I’m getting there! Whether your goal is to outrun a major natural predator, or just to get toned and sassy, read on for more tips to get your body into racing form in no time!