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Laser spot removal

At the farthest reach distance in our planet’s orbit, the Earth is approximately 94.5 million miles away from the sun. However, even at this distance, and even with the protection of the atmosphere, the sun’s rays bathe the planet and its inhabitants with life-giving as well as life-damaging energy.

Most people worship the sun when they are younger, spending long hours sunbathing, and longer hours outside without a care in the world for sunscreen. In later years, all of this time spent out in the sun will start to catch up with a person, and may manifest in the form of melanocytic hyperpigmentation, or sun spots. It is interesting to note that a sun spot, in terms of the ones that occur on the sun, are cooler, darker regions, and a sun spot on the human body actually takes on a similar appearance.

While the cosmological sun spots are a beautiful and temporary phenomenon, few people feel the same way about them when they appear to occur permanently on the human body, and this leads many to seek sun spots removal. Here are some key points that you need to know regarding dermatological procedures for brown spot removal.

Laser Spot Removal

Sun spots removal is now possible with the aid of lasers, not too dissimilar from the kinds that are used for laser hair removal, or laser skin resurfacing. The use of lasers for this purpose has been well researched and documented, and is considered very safe, with side effects, or permanent unintended pigment changes, occurring very rarely. While there is some discomfort associated with treatment, most people require only two or three sessions, lasting twenty minutes each, depending of course on the desired final effect.

Other Sun Spot Treatments

Sun spots removal can be accomplished with the help of bleaching creams, chemical peels, or even liquid nitrogen, but none of these methods offer the same degree of control that technicians have when they use a laser.

In order to be a good candidate for laser sun spot removal, you will require an examination to find that your current spots do not exhibit signs of being cancerous, and you will require a doctor’s prescription to receive treatment. If all of that time spent in the sun in your younger years is causing a proliferation of brown spots on your face, chest, hands, or neck, laser treatments can provide you with a way to permanently reduce their appearance, and in some cases remove them entirely. Learn more about this topic here: