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Armband calorie counter

You may have heard about BMI, or Body Mass Index, and how it can be used to indicate degrees of body fat in individuals. According to the Centers for Disease Control, BMI is an accurate correlation to body fat, but it is not as accurate as the information provided by a body fat analyzer. BMI is calculated simply from height and weight, and sometimes takes age into consideration. Body fat is calculated through more clinical means, which for a long time were not available to the average person.

However, one of the latest fitness gadgets that is available to the average person is a wireless scale, which includes a weight tracker, and a body fat analyzer. One of the more popular body fat analyzers on the market is the Withings Smart Body Analyzer. It uses a harmless, low-level electrical current combined with an algorithm to provide you with a fat to lean ratio that will give you an idea of your body fat percentage.

With wireless technology, the scale can automatically upload the data to apps on your mobile device that will help you track progress, see patterns, and become more aware of how your weight and body fat percentages change as you pursue your fitness goals. The Withings smart body analyzer can track your heart rate at rest. Consider that combining this tool with other fitness monitors can make improving your health even easier.

Experts in the field of health say that one should sustain a heart rate that is 70% of their maximum for at least 30 minutes in a workout in order to lose weight. Using an armband heart monitor can help you to track those numbers so that you can sustain your workout for the appropriate amount of time, maximizing the health benefits of your efforts. Many armband monitors will also measure your speed and distance, and when worn both day and night, they can give you a 360 degree picture of your heart rate, movement, and evolving health patterns.

While weight loss is not always the end result of a fitness program, for many people it is a defining factor. When the percentage of your body fat, your heart rate, and your weight are key factors in measuring success, then having the right tools can make those measurements more accurate, and easier to track. Look for fitness gadgets and monitors that fit your lifestyle and your needs to get the most out of what technology has to offer those who want to be healthier.