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Are you looking for a frozen shoulder therapist who can help you with the symptoms of pain, numbness, weakness, and immobility that you are currently struggling with? If you are tired of living life in pain and working your schedule around pain flareups, then you need to find local pain management experts. These medical professionals can assist you with a wide range of treatments and therapies aimed at trying to alleviate shoulder pain.

From prescribing medicines for anti-inflammatory for shoulder pain relief or taking a more hands-on approach with massages and physical therapy, these experts can help you alleviate much or all of your pain. Whether you are dealing with arm and shoulder pain right side only or arm shoulder pain left side only or any combination between, you can get the kind of relief that lasts.

Contact your local pain management team today to schedule a consultation appointment of your own. Get to the bottom of what is causing your pain and discomfort and find simple, safe, and effective ways of dealing with your shoulder pain today!



While back pain is the most common complaint that chiropractors see, there are a number of other common problems such as headaches, and shoulder pain that bring individuals to chiropractic clinics. Chiropractic treatment for headaches can sometimes be easily obtained with a spine alignment, but treatment for shoulder pain might require one of several options. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, here are the various courses of treatment that might be open to you.

For serious shoulder injuries, tears in the rotator cuff, or a recurrent dislocation, surgery might be the best treatment for shoulder pain. Other, traditional treatments such as physical therapy tend not to be appropriate for these injuries, and so surgery might be recommended in order to reconstruct the shoulder, remove scar tissue, or repair damaged tissues.


When shoulder pain is tied to inflammation, and where physical therapy or surgery may not be necessary to correct an issue, then time and medication can be the best treatment. Medication may come in the form of injections, numbing agents, steroids, or prescription pills.

Physical Therapy

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, about 90% of patients will find that rest, exercise, medication, and altering their activities are effective in treating shoulder pain. If you have ever wondered why physical rehab is important in treatment for shoulder pain, the answer lies in how strong or flexible your shoulder is. A strong and flexible shoulder will resist future injury, and will also result in less pain. Physical therapy combines rest, avoiding overexertion or activities that could do further damage, and maintaining prescribed exercises to strengthen and increase the flexibility of your shoulder over time.

A Chiropractor must have approximately seven to eight years of education after high school before they can practice. This extensive education will allow a Chiropractor to determine which treatment option is best based on a physical exam, and any tests they might order. In the exam, your shoulder will be examined to determine its strength, its range of motion, whether there is swelling, tenderness, muscle weakness, or other abnormalities. To discover the root cause of your pain, you might require X rays, MRIs, arthroscopy, an arthrogram, electrical studies, or a computed tomography scan. It is expected that by 2020, the employment of Chiropractors will increase by 28%.

Whether you are suffering from neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, or back pain, getting proper treatment can end up being lower on your priorities than it ought to. While pain might interfere with our lives, most people tend to wait until the pain is unbearable, or the condition worse, until they have no choice but to seek medical attention. The European Spine Journal found that individuals suffering from back pain, who had not sought out medical treatment, were unfortunately still experiencing that pain a year later. Consider these treatment options that are open to you and you might find that they are worth making time for so that you can be pain-free. Research more like this: