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The story about a symphony of angels working together to save the life of a 58 year old man in Omaha, Nebraska, received a lot of attention. Just a few minutes after boarding an airplane at Eppley Airfield the man who had felt fine in the morning became nauseas. He quickly sat down, closed his eyes, and tried to overcome the upset stomach feeling that he had. He woke to a fellow passenger and nurse asking if he was alright. What followed was a quick series of very fortunate events that got him off the plane, to a hospital, and into a surgery to stop the effects of a major heart attack.
As indicated by an interview in the Omaha World-Hrald, the gentleman who is expected to do fine had ignored some earlier symptoms that might have warned him of the attack. Just a few short weeks from the event he had a good health report from his doctor who praised him for his loss of 15 pounds as well as a drop in his cholesterol numbers. In spite of these improvements, however, the heart attack occurred and if the plane had already taken off the patient would not have survived.
Avoiding Weight Loss Dramatically Increases Your Chances of Major Health Problems
The need for significant weight loss draws attention to the health concerns of a nation that is struggling with obesity. In a time when as many as 36% of Americans are considered obese, attention to healthy eating and exercise continues to increase. And while weight loss drastically decreases a person’s chances of other health factors, a consistent healthy diet may be even more important. For patients who are severely over weight, looking for medically supervised weight loss programs become an option. Medical weight loss solutions can have the added benefit of a team of health professionals. While one person is providing education about diet, an exercise therapist can help direct daily, weekly, or monthly fitness plans.
Many individuals who have been overweight for a number of years avoid tackling their problem, perhaps because of some underlying mental health issues or perhaps because of failed efforts in the past. Whatever the reasons are, however, the decision to put off weight loss until after the holidays, after the winter, after the next stressful event. The reality is, however, that it never makes sense to wait. The time for beginning a weight loss program is now.
When your efforts of healthy eating and adequate exercise result in weight loss drops that are noticeable, the rewards can be significant. Clothes fit again. Your friends and family recognize your efforts. And perhaps most importantly you start to feel better about yourself. Visiting one of the many medical weight loss centers could provide the answers you need to your weight concerns.
Weight Loss Options When Diet and Exercise Are Not Enough
Unfortunately for some people, watching what they eat and exercising are still not enough to remove stubborn pockets of fat. For these individuals, medical procedures like liposuction and skin tightening cellulite reductions may be worthwhile options. Working closely with a staff of doctors, plastic surgeons, and other health professionals, many patients find that these more invasive procedures can produce the desired results. And even though it is a medical procedure, when skillfully performed using long acting anesthetics, liposuction is a procedure that can be comfortably tolerated and pain is not much of a concern. It is important, however, to do your research, talk to former patients, and current staff members to make sure that you are selecting the best possible provider. A simple jingle on a radio commercial is hardly enough of a recommendation to enter into a procedure like liposuction or skin tightening.
A newer procedure than either liposuction or skin tightening, HCG treatments, are another option that some people turn to. Explained as a weight loss product that is similar to hormone injections, HCG is supposed to suppress hunger and trigger a body?s use of fat for fuel. Very successfully used by some, this is an effective procedure that also most be closely monitored.
Weight loss is a very important goal for many people in this country.