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Walk in clinics are currently in demand. These primary care facilities are appealing because they provide quality care at a lower cost. In addition to offering affordable care, going to a walk in clinic often results in shorter wait times.

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However, there are some potential concerns. Analysts point out that walk in clinics is not ideal for everyone.
Going to the primary doctor’s office can be overwhelming and frustrating for many people. You may have to deal with longer wait times and potentially have to reschedule your appointment. Walk in clinics generally appeal to people who need urgent care and are dealing with minor discomfort.
Many walk in clinic provide flu shots and other vaccines. Some people are turning to walk in clinics to get their yearly physical if they are frustrated at being unable to see their primary care physician in a timely manner.
Analysts recommend that people avoid walk in clinics if they are seeking treatment for a specific health issue instead of general care. Some of the doctors at these walk in clinics may not be able to properly diagnose more complicated health issues.
It’s important to trust your instincts before making a decision.