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breast implantsIn our previous post, we explained some things to know before getting a breast augmentation. Since breast augmentation was the most popular form of plastic surgery nationwide in 2016, with over 290,000 procedures performed, chances are you may even know someone who has gone through this type of cosmetic surgery.

So if you’re considering investing in a breast lift or augmentation, it is crucial to understand exactly what your specific procedure entails. Here we continue our list of things to know before signing up for your surgery.

You will need to put your life on hold for a while
Whether you’re getting implants or a breast reduction, it’s typically necessary to take a good chunk of time off of work so you can heal properly. You will be exceptionally sore and won’t be able to lift anything, so it’s safe to say that you’ll need at least a week of rest at the bare minimum.

Breast implants feel different than normal breasts
While your new breasts may look natural, they will feel a bit different than normal breasts. There are two different implant options you can choose — saline and silicone — but no matter which one you pick, no option feels as natural as a person’s own tissue. However, if you decide to get your breast implants placed underneath the muscle, the difference may be less noticeable.

Your nipples may be affected
There are risks involved with any surgery, breast augmentation included. One large risk is the fact that you may lose feeling in your nipples. Not to mention, you may never be able to nurse children after having breast implants as your milk ducts could be affected. You should always speak to your surgeon about these risks before your procedure is done.

Your expectations may change after speaking with the doctor
You cannot walk into a consultation with a doctor asking for a specific size implant inserted via a specific location. Rather, after speaking with you about what you’d like, your doctor will create a plan that will get you to your final cosmetic goals. So make sure to have realistic expectations from the start, and you’ll be happy no matter what!

Going in for any breast augmentation surgery is a big change, and it’s important to think long and hard before investing in such a big change. With these things in mind, we hope you better understand what comes with a breast augmentation. If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a consultation for a breast surgery, please call our office today.