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With bike shops all across the country offering a wide selection of types of bikes, it may be hard to know how to find the perfect one for you. Some use their bikes to commute to places each day while others spend time on their bike practicing and competing in long races such as triathlons. Due to this, it is important to have the correct bike for you. A major aspect of the bike is the bike frame, the main part of the bicycle that the wheels and other parts of the bike are fitted. The following is a guide to help you know what to look for in a bike frame.

The Weight of the Frame

A lot of times the weight of the bike frame and the amount it costs are inversely proportional. This means that the people who design and make the bikes are thinking about what size the metals and parts are as well as each part included. People may have different preferences or needs when it comes to what is on the bike or have a budget that can’t be broken. This makes the weight of the bicycle important when it comes to choosing the bike frame that is right for you.

Plain Gauge Tubing

An important aspect of choosing a bike frame is the tubing. Plain-Gauge is the best type of frame tubing according to several sources. Bike frames are the best if they are plain-gauge because they are strong, straight and easy to manufacture. While some tubes have oversized or exotic blends. The type of tubing is important when deciding the type of frame right for you.


Butting is known as having material placed at the place of the bike that has the most stress, which is at the end of the tubes. Internal butting is more common these days and even though you will not see the butting, the person helping you at the bike shop will let you know if the bike has internal or external butting.

Frame Bike Bags

Bike bags are another aspect of the bike that deserves careful consideration when deciding which qualities you want your bike to have. Bike bags can carry anything from spare parts, tools, water, food or anything else important for your biking trip. This is important as different bike frames go with different sizes and types of bike bags. This means that the bags should be in the discussion when deciding on a frame.

Who Bikes and Why

Whether you are one to bike every day or have never biked at all, there are many reasons to bike. The energy it takes to create one car could also be used to create 100 bicycles. Due to the small number of energy and resources needed to create so many bikes, it is a good form of transportation. Also, biking is good for your health and an easy way to get to many places no matter where you live. The types of people who bike can be anyone at any age and it is never too late to get into the habit of this fun activity.