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In the United States, there are plenty of people who ask what is considered urgent care? To some people, this may seem like a rather silly question to ask but that is not true. For many Americans, it is incredibly difficult to distinguish the difference between the emergency room and the urgent care facility.

Anyone who asks what is considered urgent care should understand that urgent care facilities are facilities that can treat everything that emergency rooms will not treat. Emergency rooms are more used for, as the name states, emergencies. So people who have life-threatening injuries and illnesses have to go to these rooms to get the proper help and treatment that they need.

If you want to know what is considered urgent care then you should take a look at the urgent care facilities around you. These are facilities that can include a pediatric urgent care facility that treats children for minor issues. This is important because the average child catches between six and 10 colds a year. Furthermore, five out of six children will have at least one ear infection before they turn three and nearly 40% of kids will have three or more ear infections by that age.

If you need to know what is considered urgent care then understand that this is a facility that works to provide people with quick treatments for minor issues. For instance, just about 25,000 Americans will end up dealing with an ankle sprain every single day. So now there are urgent care facilities that are used to help give these people the treatment that they need.

Not every issue requires you to visit an emergency room and that is what is considered urgent care. Just about four out of every five urgent care facilities provide fracture care to the people who need it. So this just goes to show that they can help people with issues and injuries that are not life-threatening.

Dizziness is the second most common complaint heard in doctor’s offices and will occur in 70% of the nation’s population at some time in their lives. If you need to know what is considered urgent care then understand that these facilities can help you with dizziness! An estimated 3 million patients visit urgent care centers each week, according to the Urgent Care Association of America.

Roughly 60% of all urgent care centers have a wait time of fewer than 15 minutes to see a physician or mid-level provider, and 65% have a physician on-site at all times. According to a private study conducted by Milliman, approximately 44-65% of all ER episodes could have been treated in urgent care clinic settings. So this is why it is important for people to know what is considered urgent care.

In Conclusion

If you are dealing with an issue or injury that is not life-threatening then make sure you know what is considered urgent care. These types of facilities are only growing in terms of popularity and people are more willing to allow for them to help them sort out their minor issues and injuries.