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In past years an urgent care center has not been on the receiving end of half the credit that these centers deserve. The care that a doctor within these places put in can at times even be unparalleled. Did you know that most of these urgent care centers can have you in and out of their facilities in roughly 60 minuets? When was the last time you went to the emergency room and were able to say that you were able to get in and out in about an hour? Emergency rooms are notorious for making their patients wait in long waiting rooms that take forever and facilitate growing bacteria and germs that only make your illnesses worse. What makes an urgent care center faster than going to the emergency room?

Urgent care centers are owned by either a single physician or a group of physicians. This means that they are able to regulate the insurances they accept and the patients that come through their doors. Being able to do so means that there is more care involved with the patients and making sure that their patients receive the best care possible. Getting a closer visit with a doctor can mean that your health is taken seriously and looked at closer rather than rushed through and symptoms missed. With these privately owned centers, your local urgent care can make sure they are putting the time and the money into you rather than treating as many people as they can and sending them on their way.

The emergency room is cluttered with patients who are sick and yet not quite sick enough. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 48% of adults who are in the ER are not sick enough to be admitted to the hospital and are simply in the emergency room because their primary care physicians offices were closed. This means that the reasons for being in the emergency room vary from worst cases to the simple common cold. If the individuals who only needed to be seen by their own physicians had visited an urgent care location instead then their wait time could have been cut more than in half and they could have been on their way to looking and feeling better far faster than going to the emergency room for assistance.

Urgent care locations report to seeing roughly 450 patients every week. This may sound like a lot of patients coming through the doors and as if the wait times would be through the roof but the truth is the wait times for these places are smaller and easier to control due to the ease of getting patients in and out. With closer care to the patients, the doctors are able to do their jobs to the best of their abilities and in record speed that they wouldn’t be able to do in an emergency room when they are juggling numerous charts and patients at the very same time. This also means that there is less risk of a patient getting lost in a shuffle or being given the wrong treatment. Even with so many individuals waiting to see doctors It still works out that it is far more beneficial to go to an urgent care center than it is to wait on am Emergency room chair

The next time you’re contemplating taking a trip to the emergency room to fix your illness and your ills, perhaps looking for your local urgent care center would be a better way to treat all of your problems. These centers will give you the care you need and deserve and have you in and out in no time before you have the chance to pick up any more illnesses in the waiting room. Before you sit for hours on end in the germ infested confines of the Emergency room, evaluate your options and try seeing if going to the urgent care could perhaps be the right decision for you and your day. Hopefully that is all yo need to get your back on your feet in time.