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No matter the issue you have there is an urgent care center nearby to help. While some of the most common problems you would think to take to urgent care include the cough and cold, breaks and sprains, pain and other smaller injuries, the unknown critical conditions that these medical staff members handle could be quite surprising.

There is No Need to Wait for Rehabilitation

Given the staggering rates of heroin use and opioid addiction, there is an excellent value to the detox process offered at urgent care. Much quicker than waiting to get into a long-term rehabilitation facility, urgent care can help with immediate advice when an addict or their family or friends believe help is needed right away. It is also important to remember that drug overdose death rates rise regularly, and access to a facility that offers fast detox while helping to start the rehab process.

Another rehabilitation treatment that is often needed and also often overlooked is alcoholism. Especially because alcohol is legal, all that may be seen are a couple of drinks at dinner, when there are several that follow-up when someone gets home. Some people believe that the nightcap helps put them to sleep for the night, but it is also important to remember that with even the single drink taken in this frequently there is the possibility of becoming addicted to alcohol. This is where caution should begin, especially since most often it takes about eight years before the signs of alcoholism rise to the surface, leading the individual to treatment.

No Need to Wait for the Family Doctor

It is easy to assume that conditions like insomnia and ADHD, ADD, hormone loss, pain and more need to be put to the back of the line at your primary care physician or on the waitlist at a different treatment facility. However, if immediate care is needed the urgent care center has some doctors who can provide prescriptions, treatment, and referrals to the proper specialist if need be.

There is the ability to receive any of some treatments or at least an immediate reference to place you on the right path to treatment upon visiting the center. Addicts can gain help through the initial withdrawal phase while they seek out a rehab center. A cure for insomnia can be provided in the specific form in which it is needed, or if it must be treated by a specialist the referral gets the patient in the door right away. The center can reduce the waiting period that is usually required to get in the door to your family doctor to get care for the most irritating health issues.