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Telehealth technologies

At the intersection of technology and medicine lies an exciting new development — the use of telehealth software in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health issues. These telemedicine trends indicate a growing need for telehealth software for both patients and healthcare providers. In fact, an anticipated 7 million individuals will be using telemedicine solutions by 2018, up from only 350,000 in 2013. This expected growth can be attributed to the amazing benefits of integrating telehealth software into the field of mental health!

Telehealth software serves patients. Convenience and customer service are essential when selecting a new doctor. As a patient, you could use telemedicine video conferencing to attend a therapy session or doctor’s appointment without ever leaving your home! If you are struggling with mental health concerns, it can be uncomfortable and difficult to visit an office to share your situation. With telehealth software, you can video conference with your doctor from a safe and secure place. When polled, about 20 percent of patients felt that this new technology met or exceeded the level of care they usually received from their doctor!

Over 50% of people with a mood disorder do not receive the treatment they need, according to a study by Drs. Garcia-Lizana and Munoz-Mayorga and published in the April 2010 edition of Perspective Psychiatric Care. Telehealth software can change that by providing greater access to mental health professionals and treatment. Telemedicine trends and technologies also benefit seniors, who might find it difficult to attend therapy sessions because they are not as mobile. Rather than needing to find transportation to their psychologist, they can contact them directly using their telemedicine platform.

Telehealth software serves doctors. Utilizing telemedicine solutions can help psychologists and other mental health professionals to provide the best of care to their practice in an immediate, secure manner. Almost 70 percent of doctors either already use or plan to integrate telemedicine solutions in the next several years. Telehealth software benefits you, the mental healthcare provider, with greater access and availability to your patients. If you are not prepared to use telemental health software, now is the time to start assimilating it into your practice!

Has your practice ever struggled with a barrage of missed or cancelled appointments? Telemedicine video conferencing solutions can fix that! A recent study found that patients are more likely to keep their telemedicine appointments and show up for them rather than be cancellations or “no-shows” on your calendar books. One study over a year and half even found that patients were 5 percent more likely to attend their telepsychiatry appointments than in-person ones. As the field of telehealth software continues to grow, your practice can reach more patients in a more regular and timely manner!

Have you used a telemedicine platform with your doctor? Have you implemented telehealth software into your treatment options offered by your mental health practice? Let us know in the comments below!