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Now that summer is here, everyone is spending more time outside. And this includes our pets too! Since our pets are our best friends it is crucial to ensure you go to any lengths possible to keep them safe, and this includes your lawn. Here is an overview on what to do in order to keep your lawn pet friendly this summer.

Before you make any changes, it is important to realize why pets leave your yard in the first place. There are a few reasons including:

  • They feel like they are in immediate danger.
  • Bad weather. If you do not like thunderstorms, your dog probably does not either! Make sure they are inside if the weather report is calling for some storms.
  • They are not spayed or neutered and they are looking for a mate.
  • They are bored, and want a new sense of adventure. This is true with energetic breeds that need a lot of space to run and be active.

What changes can you make to your lawn to fortify and protect it?

Stop the use of pesticides

Yes, using these chemicals on your lawn will make your lawn look beautiful, but it will make your pet sick. Keep the pesticides away, your dog will thank you!

Stop digging by installing chicken wire

Pinpoint the places your dog is digging and install chicken wire a few inches underneath the soil to gently deter your dog from trying to escape. This is an especially good tip for flowerbeds!

Install a fence

This may seem like an obvious decision, but a fence is the number one way to prevent your dog from going where it does not belong. When installing the fence, keep in mind to make it high, ensure that there are no gaps, and that the lock is not easily accessible. Your dogs are pretty smart creatures, and you don’t want them to outsmart you!

If for some reason your dog gets out or gets injured then it is crucial to get them to a trusted veterinarian right away. They have wide array of veterinarian equipment to help heal any injuries your pet may be suffering from, whether it is an physical exam on veterinary exam tables, or an autoclave for veterinarians. And if you are a vet, look into purchasing refurbished veterinarian equipment, as this used medical equipment will save you money but not skimp on quality!