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Psychologist tampa florida

It seems as if more and more people in the United States are under the care of psychologists than ever before. While it is impossible to find a single reason why this is the case, it is easy to name a few different ones. First of all, it is no longer taboo to see psychologists tampa, and it is more acceptable today to admit that one is not okay. As such, Americans are more educated about the services that Tampa psychologists provide. Of course, there is the issues of related to the recession, and stress, depression, and anxiety related to job loss, bankruptcy and foreclosure. Whatever the reason, people today seem more more open about sharing their problems, and even admit to being medicated. Obviously, things have come a long way over 20 years, even if people are prone to oversharing.

It is had to argue against the fact that people will openly admit to visiting psychologists Tampa, when it used to be considered embarrassing. However, many Americans, even some who should know better, confuse a psychologist tampa fl with psychiatrists. While both address mental disorders, they approach them in radically different ways. For one, psychologists Tampa are not medical doctors, but rather trained and state certified professionals who use a variety of behavioral therapies to treat mental illness. Unlike psychologists tampa, a psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in the physiological aspects of mental illness, as opposed to its behavioral aspects. Thus, while psychologists Tampa will utilize behavioral therapy, a psychiatrist will usually prescribe antidepressants or other psychoactive drugs to treat mental illness.

While there is no sure fire way to treat mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, or more serious conditions like schizophrenia or personality disorders, psychologists Tampa have been proven highly effective over the years. Still, clients with more severe mental health conditions may benefit best from a combination of medication and therapy. However, it is always best to seek treatment through behavioral therapy than through medication, as medications are the equivalent of a band aid that simply covers up the real problem. As such, getting to the root of the problem and addressing it is best achieved through the behavioral therapy offered by psychologists Tampa.