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In the event that a suspicious piece of tissue is found in a medical test such as a mammogram, then there is a need to check the value of that tissue. Some tumors or others that are found may really be scar tissue, or they may be malignant. Therefore a biopsy exists to help determine the complete level of danger existing in any one of these tissues found.

Definition of a Biopsy

A biopsy is a medical test, usually performed by a surgeon or radiologist, in order to determine the danger of any sample cells or tissues that were found during a mammogram or other screening. These may be ultrasounds, 3d mammography screenings, 3d mammography ultrasounds, contrast enhanced mammography, or 3d breast ultrasound screenings where these tissues are initially found. The biopsy is able to help determine whether a lump or other suspicious area that has been completely removed is malignant or benign. There are different types of biopsies that can examine the tissue as needed, based on the shape and size of it, as well as the location where it was found.

Biopsies for Breast Cancer

With breast cancer being one of the leading illnesses in the United States, there is much to gain from the testing that helps to determine whether or not suspicious tissues in the breast are actually cancerous. There is much need to help prevent breast cancer is pre-screening through mammograms and mammography, but there is also much to gain from the biopsies that test any and all tissues that may be found inside the breast. One of the most valuable situations where this may be necessary is when a physical exam locates a lump, then a mammogram does as well, followed by the need of a biopsy to determine the potential danger of that lump.

Risk of Breast Cancer Among American Women

With the average woman facing a little over 12% chance of breast cancer diagnosis in her lifetime, there is a great value to all screening and testing processes for this disease. While this is primarily a post-menopausal problem, there is no reason to completely withhold the natural check for breast lumps in your younger years.

Many different screening tests can be run to check for lumps or other tissue, while also following up with a number of different tests among the biopsy to help evaluate those tissues after extracting them. For the various biopsy tests available to examine the questionable tissues there are a number of options available including ultrasound guided breast biopsies and stereotactic breast biopsies. With all of this potential in preventing and treating breast cancer alike, there is much to gain from these tests at all times.