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Millions of Americans all over the world struggle with back pain. It can cause a major hindrance to everyday life, even going as far as creating numbness in the back and legs. But a decompression belt is a fantastic tool to help alleviate back pain.

A decompression belt helps support your back when air is pumped into it, taking lots of pressure and weight off your lower back. This helps you sit and stand up taller, relieving tension that may occur from bad posture.

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The decompression belt helps stretch your back as well, taking pressure off your discs, which allows moisture to be absorbed back into them.

A decompression belt is at its best after a therapy session since your back’s muscles will already be tender. This will help your decompression belt relax your back and relieve any extra tension you still might have.

Struggling with back pain can be hard, but utilizing a decompression belt may be able to help. With more weight off your back, oftentimes you’ll feel more energized and ready to take on the day. Check out the video on this page for more information on decompression belts and how they function.