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Collagen benefits skin

Skin, we have all got it. Well, hopefully. Skin is the largest organ in the human body. The average adult has 1.5 to 2 square meters of skin. Its thickness varies from 3mm to .02 mm. While these facts might not be interesting to some, surely everyone cares about how their skin looks, especially since we have so much of it.

One of the major complaints people have is that their skin loses its elasticity as they age. This causes us to look older. The primary cause of this loss of elasticity is the loss of a substance in our skin called collagen. Our body naturally produces collagen, which gives our skin its elasticity in the first place. However, as we get older, the body’s production of collagen begins to decrease at a rate of 1% a year, after the age of 18. The effect of this is that the skin’s elasticity declines roughly 0.55% a year.

One method that purports to restore and maintain skin’s elasticity is collagen supplements. A common source of collagen for use in supplements is derived from fish. Fish collagen benefits include enhancing the body’s ability to generate collagen and tissue on its own. This can lead to more elastic, younger looking skin. Better looking and healthier hair and nails are other fish collagen benefits. There are also other collagen skin care products as well, such as collagen face creams, that claim to have similar effects.

Collagen skin care products may be safer than other artificial supplements and treatments because collagen is natural. Collagen is the most abundant protein in nature. In fact, almost a third of all the protein in our bodies is composed of collagen. If you wish to inject youth into your skin, collagen supplements may help.