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Do you need help with what to do for your next fitness event? You’ve always set the bar very high for your attendees; they expect the same this time. Watch the YouTube video “How to Plan a Successful Large Scale Fitness Event – Interview with Will Smithard, UK Active” for advice. This professional offers insight into how you can plan and prepare for your next big event. However, what do you do if you want to host your next event outdoors?

Planning a big outdoor fitness event

Consider how many attendees will be at your event. Imagine your attendees arrive at the event and greet you.

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Where will they stand? How will the event start? Do they need to use the restroom before, during, or after your event? Does your chosen outdoor venue offer your guests the proper facilities and amenities?


If your location is in a remote area or doesn’t have the facilities you’ll need for your event, you must make provisions. Porta potty rental in Augusta, GA is a great way to resolve this issue. A Google search should provide a list of suppliers you can contact for this service. All that’s left for you to do is plan the exercises.