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Preschool activities

We all know about after school programs and the benefits of personal training. What about group activities for adults? Exercise seems like it’s harder and harder to come by these days, what with technology providing an acute distraction and daily obligations cramping our schedules to the point of no return. When a lack of exercise can contribute to more chronic sicknesses, lowered emotional health and even a shorter lifespan, it’s imperative to invest in adult programs. Let’s take a look at the physical and emotional health benefits can do for both children and adults, from the benefits of joining a fitness center to quality child care.

Children’s Health

Did you know only one in three children engage in physical activity every day? Considering their still-growing physiology, that’s a bad sign for their future health and wellness. Children now spend more than seven and a half hours a day in front of some sort of screen, such as a television or computer, according to ongoing surveys analyzing social trends. Only around one in five homes have parks within half a mile, with the same number including fitness and recreational centers. This has been shown to have a negative impact on their emotional, physical and mental health.

Adult’s Health

Just like there are after school programs to bolster childrens’ social and physical health, so too are there group activities for adults. It can be difficult finding a routine that fits both your schedule and personality, making adult programs one of the best options for those attempting to make the most out of their time. Less than 5% of adults participate in at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day, creating one in three adults who receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week. Over the long-term this can contribute to poor health and reduced mental fitness.

Common Side-Effects

The most common side-effects of a lack of proper physical activity and emotional wellness can be felt if not properly addressed. It’s been found that children who don’t get their recommended daily or weekly exercise are more likely to experience irritability, concentration issues and social problems. Sedentary adults, especially those with less-active jobs, can develop chronic back pain, more frequent colds and higher rates of depression and anxiety. With the common activities below, you can eliminate these risks in one fell swoop.

Common Activities

Each year more than 11 million children and adults attend camp in the United States, easily considered one of the best ways of enjoying the weather, getting physically fit and making new friends. According to the ACA’s 2011 Emerging Issues review, over 90% of responding camps indicated that healthy eating habits and physical activity were both extremely important issues. Swimming, soccer, yoga, camping and hiking are some of the most common activities for all age groups. If you want to create a healthy lifestyle, it only takes a little adjustment to your schedule and mindset alike.

Creating A Healthy Lifestyle

The benefits of after school activities and group activities for adults cannot be understated. In an increasingly sedentary and stressed out world, finding time to get together with like-minded people and exercise will go a long way in keeping you fit and healthy. Gymnastics classes are perfect for those that want to marry a little art with their activity, while yoga is perfect for those that want to bolster their mental health. Yet more families are choosing outdoor activities during the spring and summer months. Group activities for adults will do more than make you healthier — it’ll make you happier.