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The leading cause of disability in Americans under the age of 45 is back pain. From the ages of 20-64 the incidence of back pain is frequent, affecting some 26 million people. This disability affects not only the work force in general, reducing the productivity of the nation, but also on an individual level. Families, couples, and single people alike are affected. Back pain is no respecter of persons! Breakthroughs in stem cell therapy could provide some relief.

Adults who suffer from lower back pain suffer mentally as well as physically, making the need to reduce back pain paramount in their lives. They are 3 times more likely to suffer poor health in general than those who do not have back pain, and 4 times more likely to experience major psychological upset. Up to 28% of adults with poor spinal health or any type of back pain report that their activities and involvement in normal daily routines are hindered or prevented. As many as 31 million American adults experience back pain at some point in their lives, half of all working Americans report various types of back pain annually, and an estimated 80% of adults will have symptoms of back problems at some point throughout their entire lives. Back pain is the culprit for sleeplessness with 20% of American adults suffering from nightly discomfort, and back pain is one of the most commons reasons for missing work. Back pain is the second most common reason for visits to general practitioners and clinics, after common colds with related respiratory distress.

There are many options for neck and back care. Most cases are not of serious nature, but of the more serious cases including arthritis, fractured vertebrae, cancer or infection, there are many options. Artificial lumbar disc surgery can help with disc degeneration in the lumbar spine, as is spinal fusion. Kyphoplasty is another option for treating fractures of the spine, and pain relief may be immediate, or the patient may need several days before a reduction of pain occurs. Many options are available for treatment of back injury and pain, but stem cell therapy just might be the all encompassing answer to all of this. Regenerative therapy, performed by a neurosurgeon can significantly reduce back pain, and may reduce chronic spine issues. Stem cell therapy is controversial, but the benefits may outweigh the risks and controversy if those suffering from chronic and debilitating pain can live normal and productive lives. Nearly three quarters of patients given stem cell therapy in low doses were successfully treated within just six months. A reputable neurosurgeon or spine specialist will advise patients concerning back care and their candidacy for for stem cell therapy. Spine concierge services are available to those patients who will benefit from such care, and the medical world is moving in leaps and bounds with new research concerning neck and back care, stem cell therapy, regeneration therapy, and the like.